PHDA-B3 GPS signal Jammer – Mini Pocket Helper

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This small GPS Jamming device SWU-PHDA-B3 serves as a valuable tool, in protecting people from being harmed by those potential threats and intrusions, with effectively disrupting the locating signals sent by GPS satellites over the spaces.

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GPS blocking devices now have acted progressively important role in protecting individuals, from being hurt by those potential threats and intrusions.

These useful devices work by disrupting the signals sent from GPS satellites to tracking person or devices, preventing individuals from being located or tracked.

This practical technology is mostly useful in maintaining privacy, as easy-to-use GPS blocking device can prevent unauthorized organization from tracking innocent people’s location or movements.

Furthermore, GPS tracker jammer can help protect against potential security risks, such as those mini-sized tracking devices being placed on vehicles like cars or some personal stuff without inform.

>> More details about protection from GPS Blocking device

In addition to privacy concerns, GPS signal Jammer can also play a crucial role in ensuring personal safety.

For example, individuals who are being stalked or harassed may use these devices to prevent the suspects from tracking their movements.

By disrupting the signals sent to tracking devices, people can reduce the risk of being targeted or harmed by those who may be monitoring their location.

This technology can provide a sense of security and peace to individuals who may feel threatened or vulnerable.

>> Specifications of this GPS Blocking device

Blocking FunctionGSM signal blocking supported
Power Parameterspower input of USB 5V
power output of 1.2 watt
Working Statesinner battery of 2,000 mAh
running for 100 minutes by battery
Jamming Effectinfluence over 10 meters
Device Outlookdesign as external hard drive

Overall, this device SWU-PHDA-B3 serves as a valuable tool in protecting individuals from potential threats and intrusions.

By disrupting the locating signals sent by GPS satellites, it can help maintain privacy, ensure personal safety, and enhance security measures.

Considering technologies keep advancing without rest, the use of GPS blocking devices will likely become even more universal, for people are willing to protect themselves and personal assets from unwanted tracking or surveillance.

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Dimensions106 × 75 × 23 mm


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