GPS jammers for illegal Car Trackers

Deter unauthorized locating device with our top-of-the-line Car GPS blocker. Stay completely undetected while using the best GPS Signal Jammers on the market. Shop now to safeguard your personal positioning information.

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  • Attractive GPS Jamming devicePinpointing Tracking signal Disruptor for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P4A-A1 GPS Jammer

    Original price was: $259.98.Current price is: $199.98.

    Transportable GPS Signal Jammer SWU-P4A-A1 has a pleasing outlook of azure device body, good at helping guard users’ privacy and security by blocking GPS signals of all frequencies continuously. The customizable aerials provides a flexible and interesting experience for user.

  • portable Anti GPS Jammer SWU-P12A-G2Locating system signal Suppressor with DIP switches Add to cart Quick View
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    P6A-B2 Mini GPS Car Tracking Jammers


    This Anti GPS jammer SWU-P6A-B2 possesses stable jamming function and a solid feel while holding it in your hand, built with capability to cover all regular GPS frequencies at a affordable price.

  • Tiny Car navigation Jammer for salecar GPS tracker Blocker with OBD portSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-B4 Anti GPS Tracker Blocker for Car

    Original price was: $219.98.Current price is: $119.98.

    The OBD anti GPS tracker jammer SWU-PHDA-B4 can be easily plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port, to disrupt or block the GPS signal that is probably being used for tracking the vehicle or obtaining it’s real-time location.

  • Energy-Efficient GPS Cell Signal Jamming devicepractical black anti GPS locating BlockerSale! Select options Quick View
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    P5A-B1 Cell Phone Jammer – Handy Cellular Shield

    Original price was: $379.98.Current price is: $249.98.

    Practical Cell Phone Jammers SWU-P5A-B1 can be particularly beneficial in safeguard, with the stable capacity of interfering signals around like GSM, GPS and WiFi 2.4G. Provide you with increased privacy, improved security and reduced distractions.

  • portable WiFi Network JammerCellular frequency Inhibitor of 14 antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P14A-B1 WiFi Signal Blockers

    Original price was: $1,099.98.Current price is: $905.98.

    Portable WiFi signal blockers SWU-P14A-B1 can help to provide the effective method of internet controlling, in condition of Wi-Fi access should be limited, and safeguard privacy and security in the network environment.

  • fixed Tracking Signal Jammer SWU-T6A-B3GPS frequency Blocking device with 6 antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T6A-B3 GPS Locating Signal jammers for Home Use

    Original price was: $799.98.Current price is: $449.98.

    The anti tracking GPS jammer SWU-T6A-B3 is able to interfere with all 5 type of GPS signals, and the black metal outer casing which is fully covered with cooling fins has enhanced the heat dissipation capability to ensure 24/7 working.

  • Trendsetting GPS Blocker SWU-P16A-S1silver Wireless Wi-Fi Camera ScramblerSale! Select options Quick View
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    P16A-S1 5G Cell Phone GPS Jammers

    Original price was: $1,399.98.Current price is: $799.98.

    The car GPS signal jamming equipment SWU-P16A-S1 can interfere and block the signals from Global Positioning System satellites, preventing the accurate tracking of a vehicle’s real-time location information.

  • Feature-rich Cell Signal Jammer for wifi GPS UHF VHFMobile Phone Signal Blocker with 24 aerialsSale! Select options Quick View
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    P24A-S1 Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

    Original price was: $1,699.98.Current price is: $1,099.98.

    The movable cellphone signal jammer SWU-P24A-S1 is skilled in interfering all type cellular signal like GSM and LTE, WiFi signals and GPS locating signals, will always offer better jamming effects due to it’s larger volume and 24 aerials.

  • handheld Vehicle GPS Jammer SWU-P16A-B316 antennas installed Cell phone Signal Scrambler for sale Add to cart Quick View
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    P16A-B3 Portable Jammer for Car Tracker


    The anti-positioning GPS jamming device SWU-P16A-B3 has a particular outer shell, an optimized shape that brings more comfortable and easier carriage experience, it also can disrupt 18 different signals by the installed 16 antennas.

  • handheld Anti-Positioning GPS Signal Blocker SWU-P6A-S2Car location information Jammers with DIP switches Add to cart Quick View
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    P6A-S2 Palm-Sized 12 Volt GPS Blocker for Car


    This 12V Car GPS Jammer SWU-P6A-S2 is pretty small in device size, allows you enjoy the GPS shielding effect while putting it in your pocket or backpack. It can be a convenient and useful tool for safeguarding your individual privacy and personal security while staying in outdoor places.

  • Counter-Terrorism Signal Blocker for PCS 4Gdark-gray Mobile phone ScramblerSale! Select options Quick View
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    P6A-G1 GSM Jammer for sale

    Original price was: $789.98.Current price is: $489.98.

    Composed of well-made polymer type case and aerial cover, the GSM signal jammer SWU-P6A-G1 is one of the best choice for those complicated operations and environment. The practical capacity ensures a constant and effective jamming effect.

  • Slim GPS Jammer for carsBuy Vehicle GPS signal DisruptorSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P5A-B2 GPS Signal Blocker – Defender in Hand

    Original price was: $399.98.Current price is: $249.98.

    The GPS jamming equipment SWU-P5A-B2 can blocking GPS signals around your real world whereabouts, preventing tracking devices like GPS tracker from pinpointing your precise location, thus to provide continuous protection for your private information and personal security.

  • Size-Friendly 8 aerials Cell Phone JammerAffordable WiFi signal ScramblerSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P8A-B1 Mobile Network Jammer – Affordable Jamming Solution

    Original price was: $329.98.Current price is: $299.98.

    Practical mobile network blocker SWU-P8A-B1 is designed for small-field signal shielding, perfectly fits the personal privacy needs. The 8 original built antennas keeps the jamming signal function running smoothly, meanwhile built-in battery provides 1 hour of outdoor experience.

  • space-saving Drone JammerAnti UAV Scrambler for all Drone-used frequencySale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B1 Drone Signal Blocker – UAV Trouble Handler

    Original price was: $3,059.98.Current price is: $2,639.98.

    Portable UAV signal blocker SWU-DHDA-B1 is able to deal with most drones available in the market, interferes signals of WiFi 2.4G & 5G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1. Affecting radius of 500 meters at most for 1 hours in the outdoor working environment.

  • Easy-to-Use GPS Blocking deviceLocation Tracking Jammer similar to power bankSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-B3 GPS signal Jammer – Mini Pocket Helper

    Original price was: $399.98.Current price is: $249.98.

    This small GPS Jamming device SWU-PHDA-B3 serves as a valuable tool, in protecting people from being harmed by those potential threats and intrusions, with effectively disrupting the locating signals sent by GPS satellites over the spaces.

  • trendy Mobile Cell Phone Jammer SWU-P12A-S2portable GPS Blocker anti tracking device Add to cart Quick View
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    P12A-S2 Cell Phone Jammer Signal Blocker


    This silver mobile signal jamming device SWU-P12A-S2 is a strong-enough protector that awaits to clear out your signal related troubles, help you to take back control over your own space of peace and quiet.

Have you ever found your location being tracked?

From tracking vehicles to monitoring smartphones, GPS has now played an integral part of modern-day navigation.

But what if you want to take control of your location privacy and security?This is where a gps jammer for car comes into play.

Understanding GPS Blockers

GPS signal jammer could be the ultimate response for your needs of location info securing. By overpowering GPS satellite signals, it’s rendering trackers useless effectively.

This car tracker blocker prevents the GPS receiver from accurately calculating its position, leading to a loss of signal or incorrect location data.

They’re like the stealthy ninjas of the tech world, silently slipping under the radar and disrupting any attempt to pinpoint your whereabouts.

Why choose a GPS Tracking Jammer?

There are several reasons why someone might consider using a Cigarette Lighter or OBD car GPS blocker in certain situations. Here are some common scenarios where a vehicle gps jammer can be beneficial:

Privacy Concerns: If you value your privacy and don’t want your location to be tracked by unknown entities, a GPS signal blocker can help safeguard your personal information.

Avoiding Surveillance: If you want to avoid being constantly monitored or tracked by GPS, GPS signal jammers for car provides a way to control when and where their location is disclosed.

Security Purposes: In high-security environments where GPS tracking can pose a threat, such as military installations or government facilities, the satellite GPS blockers can prevent unauthorized access

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