P8A-B1 Mobile Network Jammer – Affordable Jamming Solution

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Practical mobile network blocker SWU-P8A-B1 is designed for small-field signal shielding, perfectly fits the personal privacy needs. The 8 original built antennas keeps the jamming signal function running smoothly, meanwhile built-in battery provides 1 hour of outdoor experience.

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May be the information security problem is disturbing you for a period of time, but without a affordable and convenient solution. Worries to go now, for we bring you the new released size-friendly cell phone jammer for everybody.

Would it be a heavy load if you take it out?

It is originally designed as personal signal jamming device, so it’s bigness juts fits well in your hand.

Just like most portable devices in this world, weight won’t be a problem to bother you during experiencing the shielding function.

Bring it out within a small backpack, the net weight of 0.95 kg just adds bit of burden to you.

If you are driving out, then you can charge it with provided car charger, the rechargeable battery makes it easy to use.

So, no need to worry about this, this handheld cellular blocker will be a good guard along your outdoor trip, protecting your information silently.

How does this hand-sized machine keep you safe?

Despite it’s tiny body to those desktop blockers, the jamming effect is expanding much wider than you can imagine.

It’s designed for blocking signal that we might used everyday, such as Cellular signals, WiFi, GPS and Car lock etc.

And all those could be blocked just simply turn the cell phone jammer on.

Then you will be in a safe space of at least 5 meters radius, and the trackers or cameras around will be shield from you.

Just ensure the white switches over the device front turned on, these 8 directional antennas will be working efficiently, make the jamming field steady and strong.

You might want to know more about it’s working details, here comes.

It’s working at temperature of -20~75 centigrade, power of AC110~240V to DC 12V, and costs no more than 12 W. If you start jamming without charging, the full power battery will be lasting for about 1 hours.

With up to 4W power transmission, can’t compared to those high power mobile network blockers, it still covers up those frequencies listed below.

– 2G GSM-850 (869.2 – 893.8 MHz)

– 2G CDMA-800MHz (860 – 894 MHz)

– 3G AWS-1 (2110 – 2155 MHz)

– 4G LTE 2500 (2496 – 2690 MHz)

– 4G PCS (1930 – 1990 MHz)

– WiFi 2.4G (2400 – 2484 MHz)

– Bluetooth (2400 – 2483.5 MHz)

– LoJack (173.075 MHz)

– GPS L1 (1565 – 1586 MHz)

To control the heating issue, a cooling fan and the metal body will help decreasing the temperature during jamming work.

At last, remember to put the 8 antennas to the marked slot correctly and firmly before you try this cell phone jammer, to avoid unnecessary problem.

Weight0.95 kg
Dimensions132 × 80 × 41 mm
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