UHF VHF XM and Remote Control Radio Jammer for sale

Seeking for Radio Frequency Jammer for electronic devices working at some special frequencies? Such as those worldwide-used remote control jammers for 315 MHz or 433 MHz, and the LoRa blocker for 868 or 915 MHz. Now you are in right place!

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  • Attractive RF Signal Blockerblack anti-recording audio jammer for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-B2 Anti-Recording RF Jammer – Prevent Conversation Recording

    Original price was: $799.98.Current price is: $398.98.

    Portable RF signal jammer SWU-PHDA-B2 (also called anti-recording audio blocker)  can ensure that your personal information remains secure and confidential in any situation, looks likes a power bank and also can be a real power bank for emergency use.

  • Size-Friendly 8 aerials Cell Phone JammerAffordable WiFi signal ScramblerSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P8A-B1 Mobile Network Jammer – Affordable Jamming Solution

    Original price was: $329.98.Current price is: $299.98.

    Practical mobile network blocker SWU-P8A-B1 is designed for small-field signal shielding, perfectly fits the personal privacy needs. The 8 original built antennas keeps the jamming signal function running smoothly, meanwhile built-in battery provides 1 hour of outdoor experience.

  • Handheld RF Signal JammerGPS tracker Jamming devices owns DIP switchesSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P6A-B1 Radio Frequency Blocker

    Original price was: $699.98.Current price is: $449.98.

    The handheld remote control jammer device SWU-P6A-B1 could be the affordable solution you have been searching for protecting privacy, cause it is a versatile tool that can improve the way you experience daily life.

  • Trendsetting GPS Blocker SWU-P16A-S1silver Wireless Wi-Fi Camera ScramblerSale! Select options Quick View
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    P16A-S1 5G Cell Phone GPS Jammers

    Original price was: $1,399.98.Current price is: $799.98.

    The car GPS signal jamming equipment SWU-P16A-S1 can interfere and block the signals from Global Positioning System satellites, preventing the accurate tracking of a vehicle’s real-time location information.

  • adjustable Anti-Recording Blocker RF JammerCompact Audio Jammers of palm-sizeSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-B1 RF Blocker – Halting the Eavesdropping

    Original price was: $499.98.Current price is: $419.98.

    Handheld Anti Recording Jammer SWU-PHDA-B1 is anti-eavesdropping device for personal conversation in those public places, owns powerful interfering effect for almost all type recording devices while as small as a pack of cigarette in size.

  • Handheld Car Key Fob Jammer SWU-P3A-B33 antennas Radio frequency Blocking device for sale Add to cart Quick View
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    P3A-B3 Portable Multiband UHF Jammer


    This UHF jammer for car SWU-P3A-B3 is built with capability that disrupts those regular UHF signals used by remote controls, and the small device size makes it the convenient helper in the outdoor environment.

  • mini Remote Control Jammer SWU-P2A-B1Radio frequency Suppressor has 2 LED lights Add to cart Quick View
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    P2A-B1 315MHz Remote Blocker for Car


    The car lock signal blocker SWU-P2A-B1 is a simplistic palm-sized device with user-friendly operation, when the 2 black adjustable antennas are installed correctly, the radio frequency (car lock 315 / 433) can be easily disrupted and blocked in parallel.

  • handheld RF and Cell Jammer SWU-P8A-B1WiFi 2.4G signal Jamming device with removable antennas Add to cart Quick View
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    P10A-B1 Portable RF Communications Jammer


    The RF and cell signal blockers device SWU-P8A-B1 is a easy carried electronic UHF VHF device, with the smooth and flat outer casing made of wear-resistant ABS plastic, it will give you a relaxed and comfortable outdoor usage experience.

  • user-friendly Car Lock Signal Jammer SWU-P3A-B2black 433 MHz Frequency Blockers with power press key  Add to cart Quick View
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    P3A-B2 Car Key Remote Control Blocker


    This car RC signal jamming device SWU-P3A-B2 is kind of a specialist that focus on dealing with RF signals, all these frequencies used by remote control of various vehicle keys like LoRa 868 can be disrupted by it.

  • Splendid WiFi Signal Jamming device12 antennas Splendid UHF Blocker VHF Jammer for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P12A-B1 UHF Blocker VHF Jammer

    Original price was: $1,159.98.Current price is: $759.98.

    WiFi interference and congestion issues can be resolved easily by WiFi signal blocker SWU-P12A-B1, which also jamming UHF VHF signals, to bring stable and reliable Wi-Fi environment back to you, and keep protecting your personal privacy along your side.

  • pocket sized 433MHz RF Jammer SWU-P4A-B1315MHz frequency Blockers with 4 antennas Add to cart Quick View
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    P4A-B1 Mini Pocket Car Lock RC Jammer


    This Car Lock remote control blocker has a simplistic black shell of no extra abundant decoration, with the capability of shielding common RF signals of 315 / 433 MHz and 868 / 915 MHz, it will help drive your unwanted VHF or UHF annoyance away.

  • Pioneering all-frequency High Power Jamming equipmentGPS Tracker Blocker with adjustable Power OutputSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T22A-B1 High Power Blocking device – Configurable Signal Silencer

    Original price was: $1,099.98.Current price is: $999.98.

    Tabletop blocking equipment SWU-T22A-B1 is manufactured with strong ability of jamming commonly-used signal all around, which is powered by the 22 high-gain antennas that can be adjusted individually. Always can be a first choice when picking up from all those powerful signal jamming device for sale.

  • Sleek Mobile Cell Blocker for uhf vhfRadio Frequency Jammer with 6 antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T6A-S2 Jammers for UHF VHF Cell Phone signal

    Original price was: $779.98.Current price is: $429.98.

    Sliver mobile signal jamming equipment SWU-T6A-S2 has eye-attracted good looking, is well-designed and manufactured for helping securing privacy and avoiding disruptions, improving focus and productivity and supporting security purposes.

  • Feature-rich Cell Signal Jammer for wifi GPS UHF VHFMobile Phone Signal Blocker with 24 aerialsSale! Select options Quick View
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    P24A-S1 Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

    Original price was: $1,699.98.Current price is: $1,099.98.

    The movable cellphone signal jammer SWU-P24A-S1 is skilled in interfering all type cellular signal like GSM and LTE, WiFi signals and GPS locating signals, will always offer better jamming effects due to it’s larger volume and 24 aerials.

  • Rated 0 out of 5

    T18A-B1 High Power FM Radio Frequency jammer


    The fixed RF signal jammer SWU-T18A-B1 can be invaluable tools in experimental research and many other aspects, helping researchers investigate the effects of radio frequency interference on various systems and technologies.

  • portable WiFi Network JammerCellular frequency Inhibitor of 14 antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P14A-B1 WiFi Signal Blockers

    Original price was: $1,099.98.Current price is: $905.98.

    Portable WiFi signal blockers SWU-P14A-B1 can help to provide the effective method of internet controlling, in condition of Wi-Fi access should be limited, and safeguard privacy and security in the network environment.

Unpleasant occasions that arouse bad feeling

Imagine that you’re having a close chatting with your best friend, feeling free to spill all the tea without a care in the world.

Little do you know, there’s an unwanted eavesdropper secretly lurking nearby, greedily soaking up every details you share.

This might involve about those sneaky individuals who just can’t resist listening in on other people’s conversations, infringing upon our privacy and potentially exposing our deepest secrets.

So next time you encounter someone trying to tune into your chat, just remember: there is always a humble helpmate RF signal jammer awaits to deal with your annoyance.

Talking back to this easy-to-use RF blocker (or RC Jammers), it can be a practical assistant to kick out those frustrating headache-inducing issues, with the capacity of directly rendering them ineffective.

Thus the UHF jammer VHF Blocker enables you to take back control over your communication channels and prevent unauthorized access or eavesdropping.

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