PHDA-B1 RF Blocker – Halting the Eavesdropping

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Handheld Anti Recording Jammer SWU-PHDA-B1 is anti-eavesdropping device for personal conversation in those public places, owns powerful interfering effect for almost all type recording devices while as small as a pack of cigarette in size.

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Here comes the labor-saving portable RF jammer SWU-PHDA-B1, even smaller than common adult hand.

Although it’s little in the dimension of size, but when talking about blocking ability, it’s almost all round against eavesdropping of various type.

As privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age, one way to protect our privacy is by equipping a UHF blocker, which is a useful tool that creates white noise to mask or distort conversations and other sounds around us.

By this principle, it becomes more difficult for those with complex purpose to eavesdrop on our conversations and invade our privacy to get some valid information.

How does RF Jammer protect you from being eavesdropped

Radio frequency blocking device SWU-PHDA-B1 is functioning by emitting a variety of sounds, such as white noise, pink noise, or random speech-like chatter, to create a sound barrier of 5~10 meters range which makes it harder for others to wiretap on our conversations.

This is particularly effective in those public areas, for there might be many prying ears trying to acquire our personal information or sensitive data.

By using this Anti Recording Jammer, our conversations will remain private and secure.

Wonderful design of RF Blocker for perfect user experience

Considering normal usage of this audio jammer, it would be troublesome if device is built in a big size.

After thoughtful discussing and comparing, it’s bigness is limited to same as a pack of cigarette, precise data is 85 x 53 x 21 mm (L x H x D).

Meanwhile the battery inside is movable, to provide a coherent experience if the battery in use is running out.

Right on the front panel , there are a row of number indicators (1~9) combined with led lights right below, and 2 buttons, one for Power ON/OFF, another for noise level modifying.

Useful tips for correct usage of RF Jammer

  1. If you are using it, remember to put it on the table instead of your pocket or packet, prevent jamming effect being decreased even vanished.
  2. If you use it for a conversation between over 4 attendees, please consider taking 2 or more UHF blocking devices for a good and valid jamming function.
Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions85 × 53 × 21 mm


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