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WiFi blocker can target both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands commonly used for WiFi communication, and they can disrupt various WiFi standards such as 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

These wireless network jammer devices are often used in settings, where the presence of Wi-Fi signals required to be restricted or prohibited. For example, in secure facilities, examination rooms, or during confidential meetings.

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  • Energy-efficient WiFi Signal JammerWireless network Blocker special for spy cameraSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P1A-B1 WiFi Blocker – Nemesis for Spy Camera

    Original price was: $159.98.Current price is: $99.98.

    Handheld WiFi Camera blocker SWU-P1A-B1 looks really tiny for it’s small size of 95 x 45 x 18 mm (L x W x D). It’s designed and made specially for 2.4GHz signals, like WiFi 2.4G and Bluetooth. Possessing the ability to be the first selection for affordable and practical jamming device for WiFi.

  • Trendsetting GPS Blocker SWU-P16A-S1silver Wireless Wi-Fi Camera ScramblerSale! Select options Quick View
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    P16A-S1 5G Cell Phone GPS Jammers

    Original price was: $1,399.98.Current price is: $799.98.

    The car GPS signal jamming equipment SWU-P16A-S1 can interfere and block the signals from Global Positioning System satellites, preventing the accurate tracking of a vehicle’s real-time location information.

  • Affordable WiFi Signal Blocker for 4G iphone Cell phoneStable Cell signal Scrambler of 6 antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T6A-B1 Wireless Network Jammer – Stable Shielding Solution

    Original price was: $798.98.Current price is: $319.98.

    Tabletop WiFi signal jammer SWU-T6A-B1 offers a stable and effective solution for controlling WiFi access, and Cellular network blocking. Been set with a reasonable price, it could be a first recommendation for practical jammer usage.

  • Sleek Cell Phone Jamming deviceportable GPS L1 signal SuppressorSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P5A-Y1 GSM Mobile Network Blocker

    Original price was: $349.98.Current price is: $249.98.

    The portable mobile signal jammer SWU-P5A-Y1 helps resolving those privacy problems by shielding those GSM and WiFi signals, and it’s well built with both pragmatic functions and pretty looking.

  • Modish WiFi Jamming device SWU-PHDA-G1handheld 2.4GHz Wireless network BlockersSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-G1 Bluetooth Jammer device – Another Wi-Fi Suspension

    Original price was: $129.98.Current price is: $98.98.

    WiFi signal blocking equipment SWU-PHDA-G1 can affect the normal WiFi network between devices and access point, by emitting radio frequency signals same as routers. In addition, it can jam those Bluetooth devices at same time.

  • Stationary Cell Phone Reception JammerNon-stop working Cellular signal BlockerSale! Select options Quick View
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    T12A-B2 Cell Signal Blocker

    Original price was: $1,699.98.Current price is: $1,169.98.

    The cell signal jamming device SWU-T12A-B2 play a crucial role in fostering a conducive academic atmosphere that prioritizes learning and academic integrity, can be used in educational institutions to promote a focused learning environment.

  • Elegant Anti-Cheating WiFi Jamming equipmentwall-mount Cell phone signal Jammers for SaleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    WHDA-W2 WiFi Blocking device – Non-Stop Interfering

    Original price was: $998.98.Current price is: $549.98.

    This pure white Anti-Cheating WiFi signal jammer SWU-WHDA-W2 has a secure and effective solution for preventing unauthorized access to wireless networks in various settings, supporting mobile phone network, WiFi network and RF signals.

  • Concise-exterior Powerful Cell Phone Jamming deviceHigh Power Mobile Jammers for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    WHDA-W1 Powerful Cell Phone Jamming equipment

    Original price was: $1,559.98.Current price is: $1,159.98.

    Special powerful blocking equipment SWU-WHDA-W1 is built for communication signal blocking and disturbing, having at most 150W output level, the special while carved shell can serve as a protector of inner hardware, and a camouflage from installation area nearby.

  • portable 5GHz WiFi Jammer SWU-PHDA-C1cyan colored 2.4GHz frequency Blocker for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-C1 Handheld Signal Blocker for WiFi

    Original price was: $499.98.Current price is: $309.98.

    The WiFi blocking device SWU-PHDA-C1 can be a movable steward that is good at interfering with all common Wi-Fi signals, and the well-designed cyan shell making it a perfect device that can be a elegant decoration.

  • Splendid WiFi Signal Jamming device12 antennas Splendid UHF Blocker VHF Jammer for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P12A-B1 UHF Blocker VHF Jammer

    Original price was: $1,159.98.Current price is: $759.98.

    WiFi interference and congestion issues can be resolved easily by WiFi signal blocker SWU-P12A-B1, which also jamming UHF VHF signals, to bring stable and reliable Wi-Fi environment back to you, and keep protecting your personal privacy along your side.

  • security WiFi Video Jammer SWU-P4A-G1easy operated Bluetooth frequency Blockers Add to cart Quick View
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    P4A-G1 Bluetooth Wireless Video Jammer


    This Portable Bluetooth Blocker for wireless video SWU-P4A-G1 is manufactured with the capability of disrupt various regular frequencies, such as WiFi 2.4GHz, Bluetooth and 3 types of wireless camera used signals.

  • Feature-rich Cell Signal Jammer for wifi GPS UHF VHFMobile Phone Signal Blocker with 24 aerialsSale! Select options Quick View
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    P24A-S1 Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

    Original price was: $1,699.98.Current price is: $1,099.98.

    The movable cellphone signal jammer SWU-P24A-S1 is skilled in interfering all type cellular signal like GSM and LTE, WiFi signals and GPS locating signals, will always offer better jamming effects due to it’s larger volume and 24 aerials.

  • Unexcelled WiFi Jammer for cell phone GPS UHF VHFCar GPS navigation Blocker of large sizeSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P27A-S1 WiFi Jamming device

    Original price was: $1,998.98.Current price is: $1,398.98.

    This modern signal jammer for cell phone has bigger size than most portable electronic device, which bring a large battery of 15,000 mAh, and ensures longer working hours with only battery supporting. Except the WiFi signals, all the daily used signals such as GSM, 5G and GPS Navigation are also fully supported.

  • Pioneering all-frequency High Power Jamming equipmentGPS Tracker Blocker with adjustable Power OutputSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T22A-B1 High Power Blocking device – Configurable Signal Silencer

    Original price was: $1,099.98.Current price is: $999.98.

    Tabletop blocking equipment SWU-T22A-B1 is manufactured with strong ability of jamming commonly-used signal all around, which is powered by the 22 high-gain antennas that can be adjusted individually. Always can be a first choice when picking up from all those powerful signal jamming device for sale.

  • handheld WiFi Bluetooth Signal Jammer SWU-P8A-B3GSM Cell Phone Blockers with 8 removable antennas Add to cart Quick View
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    P8A-B3 5GHz WiFi Signal Jammer


    The WiFi network blocker SWU-P8A-B3 is a high-quality electronic device that built to disrupt or block the exchange signals of different frequencies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, PCS and 4G LTE.

  • Wall-Mount Jammer for Cell Phone Signal SWU-WHDA-W4Wireless network blocker with hidden aerialsSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    WHDA-W4 Jamming device for Mobile Signal

    Original price was: $1,559.98.Current price is: $1,059.98.

    With help of blocking device for mobile signal SWU-WHDA-W4, examination halls administrator can prevent those various methods of cheating, thereby enhancing the integrity of the examination process, this approach helps create a fairer testing environment.

Can the Wi Fi jammer operate discreetly without drawing attention to its presence?

For those palm-sized portable wifi signal jammers for wireless camera signal , commonly they are tiny enough to be stored in packet, or placed in the backpack. As for the bigger type, they are always desktop wifi jamming device. Normally they are not so obvious in the bookshelf, if only not placing them in the very front of other stuff.

In the area with common ambient noise, those sounds generate by working internet blocker will be mixed into background noise. Which means that it can’t be recognized by sound easily.

But in these pretty quiet situation, such as peaceful midnight with people asleep. There might be some barely noticeable signs, including but not limited to operating sound and cooling fan noise, that will result in indicating the approximate direction of this internet jammer in running status.

Does the bluetooth jammer include any additional features, such as GPS signal jamming capabilities?

Answer to this question is complex, let’s explain the situation with more details.

Firstly, if you are looking for WiFi signal blocker possesses both WiFi and GPS jamming capabilities, we would recommend you to view the Multi Functional Camera Jammer, as most of them covers at least 2 type of signals.

Cause some of the wireless network blocker only support interfering WiFi signals, some others do support frequencies combination, but the WiFi and GPS is not included in the same time.

Then to the Bluetooth jamming ability, considering the interesting fact that 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth are sharing the frequency scope of 2400 – 2484 MHz, it will be seamless to interfering with Bluetooth signal by a wifi scrambler.

So, if you want to block Bluetooth signals, you can just pick a blue tooth jammer.

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