P5A-Y1 GSM Mobile Network Blocker

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The portable mobile signal jammer SWU-P5A-Y1 helps resolving those privacy problems by shielding those GSM and WiFi signals, and it’s well built with both pragmatic functions and pretty looking.

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Nowadays the world is highly and widely connected by the internet, and the mostly used should be the Cellular.

Follow the increased reliance on cell phones, comes the worrying for disruption and invasion of privacy.

Recognizing this, sleek cell phone jamming device SWU-P5A-Y1 presents a solution to fix these concerns.

Utilizing advanced technology, this device owns the capability to effectively block GSM signals within a certain radius, giving people in it the peace of mind that their talking and privacy remain protected.

Key Features Of This Cell Phone Jamming device

One highlight of this mobile signal jammer is the reasonable blocking range.

With 5 antennas correctly positioned, this device is able to cover area about 20 meters radius at most, and effectively blocking cell phone signals like GSM, CDMA and LTE, also contains WiFi signals and GPS signals.

In some specific locations where the use of cell phones is under controlling, cause it may be inappropriate or distracting.

For example, turn on this mobile network blocker in a classroom setting, will help create a distraction-free environment which is conducive to learning.

And same effect should work in the cinemas, ensuring no one is disturbed by some noisy phone calls.

More detailed parameters of this Cell Phone Jamming device

Working EnvironmentTemperature-20 ~ 75 centigrade
Humidity35% ~ 95%
Working StateMaximum output3 Watt
Power inputAC 100 ~ 240 to DC 12V
Battery cycleAbout 1 ~ 2 hours
Supported SignalsCellularGSM, CDMA, LTE, PCS

Precautions for customers who are interested

  1. Please ensure the 5 antennas are installed correctly before you decide to power on it;
  2. Please ensure this cellular frequency jammer does not affect other people’s normal lives when you experience it;
  3. Please ensure the usage of this signal blocker is in accordance with the local legal regulations.
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions115 × 70 × 25 mm


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