WHDA-W2 WiFi Blocking device – Non-Stop Interfering

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This pure white Anti-Cheating WiFi signal jammer SWU-WHDA-W2 has a secure and effective solution for preventing unauthorized access to wireless networks in various settings, supporting mobile phone network, WiFi network and RF signals.

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Forget about unwanted guests or annoying neighbors using your WiFi signal without asking for you, cause now the elegant WiFi jamming equipment SWU-WHDA-W2 is ready for kicking out those worry, so you can take control of your wireless network.

This signal blocker for WiFi allow you to create a secure Wi-Fi environment by blocking unwanted connections and preventing signal interference from outside sources.

Not only does this WiFi jamming equipment ensures better performance and reliability for your own electronic devices using wireless connections, but it also helps to protect sensitive information from potential cyber threats await in the internet.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to own the ability to shut down that nosy neighbor’s stealing internet from you with just the push of a button?

So say goodbye to slow speeds and sketchy network connections, and hello to joy of life and total Wi-Fi dominance with the quiet but strong helper – WiFi blockers.

Why does this WiFi Jamming equipment can do this so easily?

For those WiFi blocking device, they have a secure and effective solution for preventing unauthorized access to wireless networks in various settings.

By disrupting the signals of nearby Wi-Fi supported devices, these devices can prevent potential security breaches and information leaks.

Beneath the whole white outer casing, it’s the powerful hardware that works fully on 40 watt outputs, supporting a continuous existing jamming field of 40 meters range within limits.

These WiFi signals of 2.4G, 5.2G and 5.8G are all supported, so you can apply it for all common WiFi routers.

Furthermore, the mobile phone signals such as GSM, CDMA, LTE and 5G NR are not ignored by this elegant cell phone jammer.

GPS, LoJack, Car Lock of 315 MHz and UHF 868MHz are in the supporting list too.

Brief lists for specifications of this WiFi Jamming equipment

  1. The pure white case is made by material of aluminum alloy, making it dust-proof and water-resistant.
  2. Antenna is hidden inside the white case, and this design does not influence the jamming function.
  3. More than 10 big and small vents are carved in the device surface, so that working heat won’t be accumulated.
Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions320 × 235 × 65 mm


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