WHDA-W1 Powerful Cell Phone Jamming equipment

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Special powerful blocking equipment SWU-WHDA-W1 is built for communication signal blocking and disturbing, having at most 150W output level, the special while carved shell can serve as a protector of inner hardware, and a camouflage from installation area nearby.

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Introducing this concise-exterior powerful jamming device SWU-WHDA-W1, the well-designed special exterior making it more low-profile in those place where security or privacy are essential, and prevent being recognized.

But within the white durable shell, this signal jammer is manufactured with high performance hardware, leads to strong and stable capacity of jamming like Cellular signals at a impressive level (Max output of 150W).

Giving support to both teachers and students during examination

When there are so many students to take an examination, they would be gathered in a small classroom or meeting room, creating a crowded and complicated environment.

While the teachers may not have enough attentions, to notice that every single student’s behavior is normal or not.

But with help of this WiFi network blocker, these small problems can be avoided.

While it’s in working state, all those cellular signals around will be shield to prevent those cell phone from normal working.

In this situation, teachers in invigilating will be more easy, and the fairness of students focusing on exam will be protected.

Helping improve and maintain security of prison

Powerful jamming device is an effective and suitable equipment to enhanced prison security, not only by stopping unauthorized communication, which can be used to plan illegal activities secretly both inside and outside the jail, but also by protecting those working electronic devices used by jailers from unknown digital attacks started outside the prison.

When cellular signal blocking devices are in normal working state, a secure and controlled communication environment will be maintained within the facility, results in almost no illegal access to outside information or accomplices.

Then those unrevealed activities will be partly stopped in the source, given the jailers more time to enhance security.

Productions well-designed Specifics that ensuring its strong Jamming effect

  1. Disturbing all those widely-applied frequencies for communications, such as Cellular (contains 4G LTE and 5G NR), WiFi 2.4G & 5G.
  2. This Powerful Jamming device can influence a large area at almost 240W power consumption, reaches 100 meters at most.
  3. High efficient inner cooling system, consist of big fan, cooling fins and ventilation holes, continuing release the heat and keep the temperature in normal range.
  4. Hard and durable PVC shield is waterproof, protect the device from outside damage and away of broken.
  5. Working along with AC adapter (AC 110~240V toDC 12V), non-stop working is guaranteed.
Weight15 kg
Dimensions450 × 450 × 200 mm


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