T22A-B1 High Power Blocking device – Configurable Signal Silencer

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Tabletop blocking equipment SWU-T22A-B1 is manufactured with strong ability of jamming commonly-used signal all around, which is powered by the 22 high-gain antennas that can be adjusted individually. Always can be a first choice when picking up from all those powerful signal jamming device for sale.

When talking about the pioneering jamming equipment SWU-T22A-B1, which is manufactured with strong ability of jamming commonly-used signal all around, such as cellular and WiFi (both 2.4G and 5G), GPS and LoJack.

If you are still hesitating in choosing a powerful signal blocker from online or local market, please note that this SWU-T22A-B1 can always be the first choice in All frequencies supported jamming equipment.

How does it work to maintain your signal security?

With 22 adjustable antennas attached and setup correctly, WiFi jammer SWU-T22A-B1 can easily establish a shielding field of at least 30 meters and at most 70 meters.

This filed range is totally controlled by the device power output level, and can be configured manually, which means you can set the device interfering effect in the supported ranges as you want.

Meanwhile, all the 22 high-gain antennas of this high power GPS blocking device are all equipped with a dedicated switch, allows you to turn off any specific antenna that no needs to be operating.

Furthermore, you can set up a customized signal blocking effect by simply turning on those antennas are required, it’s so convenient that you only need one signal blocker to fulfill this.

Are you still worrying about how to guarantee the signal security, for all those complicated environments where the signal guards are essential?

Now the jamming equipment SWU-T22A-B1 can help relieving this issue by it’s great performance.

Equipment Parameters are provided in details, view the information as you want.

1. Remote Control is available, you can configure some function remotely, making it easily to change settings.

2. This jamming equipment can reach max output level of 46W, so there are 5 built-in cooling fans that will keep temperature in working range.

Besides, the device surface is carving with large area cooling fins.

3. Device is non-stop working with AC adapter (AC 110~240V toDC 12V), so that jamming effect is continuous.

Supported Frequencies are listed on the table below.

BandOutput PortFrequency Range (MHz)Output Power
12G GSM-850869.2 – 893.835dbm / 3W
2US915902 – 92835dbm / 3W
34G PCS1930 – 199033dbm / 2W
43G AWS-12110 – 215533dbm / 2W
54G LTE 700729 – 76835dbm / 3W
64G BRS2496 – 269030dbm / 1W
74G Extended AWS1710 – 178033dbm / 2W
84G WCS2350 – 236030dbm / 1W
95G NR 600617 – 65235dbm / 3W
105G NR 34003400 – 360030dbm / 1W
115G NR 36003600 – 390030dbm / 1W
125G NR 40003900 – 420030dbm / 1W
13WiFi 2.4G2400 – 248430dbm / 1W
14WiFi 5.2G5150 – 535030dbm / 1W
15WiFi 5.8G5725 – 585030dbm / 1W
16GPS L11565 – 158633dbm / 2W
17GPS L2/L51164 – 1189 or 1216 – 123933dbm / 2W
18GPS L3/L41370 – 139133dbm / 2W
19LoJack173.07535dbm / 3W
20VHF135 – 17535dbm / 3W
21Walkie-talkie462 – 46735dbm / 3W
22Car Lock31535dbm / 3W
Weight8 kg
Dimensions450 × 238 × 60 mm


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