P12A-G1 Cell Phone Jamming device

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Silver cell signal jammer SWU-P12A-G1 is good at preserving security and safeguarding privacy in certain circumstances, by interfering with those cellular signals like GSM and LTE, and other regular signals.

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Innovative cell phone blocking device SWU-P12A-G1 serves a pivotal role in preserving security and safeguarding privacy in certain circumstances.

Once turning it into working state, an effective shield that jams most cellular signals will be spreading immediately, contains a localized zone ranged to a certain extent of 20 meters.

Portable WiFi signal jammers create a secure zone, eliminating the risk of sensitive information being transmitted or intercepted.

What Benefits can Cell Phone Blocking device offer?

– Strengthened Privacy: jamming cell phone signals, will efficiently prevent non-granted access to personal information and private communications.

– Better Productivity: eliminating distractions from cell phones, allows for better concentration and increased efficiency in various situations.

– Shutdown Eavesdropping: block signals from being intercepted or monitored, providing peace of mind and protecting sensitive information.

– Improved Security: mobile signal jammer can be applied in sensitive areas such as high-security prisons, confidential government buildings, and military zones to prevent unauthorized communication and ensure security protocols.

– Supports in Emergencies: in those scenes of emergencies, mobile network jamming device can be deployed to disrupt communication and prevent interference with critical operations.

More type of signals can be jammed except the cell phone signal

This cell phone blocking device SWU-P12A-G1 can interfere with cellular network of GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE, PCS. But these are not the whole part of it’s well-designed ability, let’s keep moving on.

– Wireless Network of WiFi 2.4G and 5.8G

– Locating Information of GPS L1

– VHF and UHF applications like LoJack, RC 315MHz and LPD 433MHz

All the above mentioned signals are all supported by this GPS signal blocker.

Device specifications in details

Power StateinputAC 110~240V to DC 12V
outputFull 8.4 watt
Working Statebattery10,000 mAh
lastingover 2 hours for not in charge
Cooling StateFans2, built inside
DeviceFull aluminum alloy body
Accessorypacket1, nylon-made
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions165 × 93 × 46 mm


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