T20A-S1 High Power Signal Blocking equipment

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Newly launched signal blocking equipment SWU-T20A-S1 will help resolving all those annoying invasion of privacy with every effort, by the original powerful jamming ability of affecting radius up to 60 meters at 155 watt and supporting wide range of commonly used signals.

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Still being disturbed by harassing text messages or unwanted phone calls?

Trying to find some solutions for taking control of your own privacy and digital security?

Now the newly launched signal jamming device SWU-T20A-S1 will help resolving all these annoying invasion of privacy with every effort.

Intuitive Impression over the signal blocker

This High Power signal jamming device we are talking about is a tabletop type device that will take up a bit more area than most normal-sized electronic devices, in return it will be working in a more powerful state and providing stronger jamming effect.

Running at power supply of AC 100~240V to DC 24V, the maximum outputting can be the outstanding 155 watt. As a result, the jamming range will reach 60 meters at the most.

Practical application of signal jamming device

Those large space like reading room of regional library open up for all citizens, audience hall of some famous theater crowed with people and council house of local government filled by attendees, can simply be influenced by several cell phone jammers and having a safe signal environment.

For personal situation, your own privacy will be remaining protected, once you steps in the affecting are of this powerful GPS jamming device. All these daily used frequencies that applied worldwide are contained in it’s signal blocking ability, you can find more detailed information from following content.

Signal TypeOutput PortFrequencies Scope
Cellular2G GSM-850869.2 – 893.8 MHz
3G AWS-12110 – 2155 MHz
4G LTE 700729 – 768 MHz
4G PCS1930 – 1990 MHz
4G WCS2350 – 2360 MHz
4G BRS2496 – 2690 MHz
5G NR 600617 – 652 MHz
WiFi2.4G2400 – 2484 MHz
5.2G5150 – 5350 MHz
5.8G5725 – 5850 MHz
GPSGPS L11565 – 1586 MHz
GPS L3/L41370 – 1391 MHz
GPS L2/L51164 – 1189 or 1216 – 1239 MHz
RFLoJack173.075 MHz
Car Lock315 MHz
Walkie-talkie462 – 467 MHz
LPD433433.05 – 434.79 MHz

Once you have this signal jamming device accompanied, those disturbing things will be blocked from your lives and then feel free to experience the ease and peace of mind you deserve.

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions440 × 250 × 90 mm
Device Configuration

US – GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G FR1, WiFi, GPS, LoJack, Car Lock 315 / 433, LoRa, EU – GSM, CDMA, DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G FR1, WiFi, GPS, LoJack, Car Lock 315 / 433, LoRa


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