T8A-B2 Cell Jammer – Interfering Mobile Signals

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SWU-T8A-B2 Mobile phone jammers is a useful helpmate for bettering family wifi connections, as it can encourage more Family interactions, ensure family events away from bother and enhancing family health state by the well-built signal shielding function.


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Nowadays, cell phones have already become an essential part of our daily lives, providing us with convenient and unrestrained connection and access to Internet around the world.

However, using cell phones especially smartphones can also incur negative impacts, especially in family setting where constant distractions and interruptions will probably disrupt those quality time that whole family spent together.

To fix this issue for those who seek more peaceful family connections, the cell signal blocker SWU-T8A-B2 can be a useful helpmate for families to establish a distraction-free environment together, and promote better communication and bonding within the household.

I. Encourage More Family Interactions

First and foremost, cell phone jammers can help all family members including parents and children, establishing boundaries on cell phone usage at home.

While mobile signal is continuously shielded, parents are able to encourage their children to participate in face-to-face interactions, instead of being attached to these screens always full of internet contents.

These family activities will foster better communication skills for all, create a more harmonious and connected family atmosphere.

II. Ensure Family Events away from Bother

Secondly, this cell signal blocker SWU-T8A-B2 can be particularly useful during important family gatherings or events, such as holidays or celebrations.

By temporarily blocking cell phone signals, families can ensure that all members are fully present and engaged in the moment, rather than being distracted by incoming calls and text messages.

This can help create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds, as everyone is focused on each other rather than their phones.

III. Enhancing Family Health state

Additionally, WiFi signal jammers can be a valuable tool for promoting healthy screen time habits among family members.

By limiting access to cell phones during certain period of the day, for example during family meals or before bedtime, families can have more meaningful interactions and weaken the addiction of screen.

This will result in improved mental health and overall well-being for all members in the house.

Device specifications details in table below

Heat dissipationCooling Fans and Cooling Fins
Shielding AreaDistance2 ~ 50 meters
Supported SignalsCellularGSM, CDMA, LTE, PCS
WiFi2.4G & 5.8G
Working State


Maximum output80 W
Power inputAC 100 ~ 240V
Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions290 × 215 × 60 mm


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