P12A-B1 UHF Blocker VHF Jammer

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WiFi interference and congestion issues can be resolved easily by WiFi signal blocker SWU-P12A-B1, which also jamming UHF VHF signals, to bring stable and reliable Wi-Fi environment back to you, and keep protecting your personal privacy along your side.

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WiFi interference and congestion are some common issues that can ruin our internet experience, leading to frustrating slowdowns, dropped connections, and decreased productivity.

To address these challenges, splendid WiFi signal jamming device SWU-P12A-B1 offers a comprehensive solution that can significantly enhance our daily lives.

What help can this portable UHF Blocker provide?

1. Manufactured with advanced design, it can effectively weaken WiFi interference and congestion by emitting 2.4GHz jamming signals that disrupt unauthorized wireless transmissions.

Allowing users to enjoy a uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection, ensuring seamless streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and other bandwidth-intensive activities.

By eliminating the noise and interference caused by those rogue access points, neighboring networks, and other sources, WiFi VHF jammer creates a more stable and reliable Wi-Fi environment, empowering us to connect and communicate effortlessly.

2. Moreover, this WiFi signal jamming device provides enhanced security by preventing unauthorized access to WiFi networks.

By disrupting wireless transmissions, this blocker creates a protective barrier around authorized networks, making it difficult for intruders to intercept sensitive data or gain access to confidential information.

This additional layer of security safeguards our privacy and protects us from potential internet threats, reassure us when using public WiFi or connecting to shared networks.

3. Additionally, WiFi signal blocker can improve the overall efficiency of wireless networks by reducing channel congestion.

When multiple devices compete for bandwidth on a crowded channel, it can lead to slower speeds and increased latency.

By jamming unauthorized transmissions, this equipment frees up valuable bandwidth, allowing authorized devices to operate at optimal speeds and reducing the frustration caused by slow and unreliable connections.

Extra Capacity and Specifications of WiFi Signal Jamming device SWU-P12A-B1

  1. Shielding those widely applied cellular signals, such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and PCS;
  2. Blocking signals of GPS L1, LoJack, Car Lock, LPD433 and LoRa;
  3. Working at maximum power output of 10 watt, affecting area can reach distance of 20 meters;
  4. Portable device body size making the carriage experience same as the cell phone of normal size;
  5. DIP switches on the side panel can directly turn on/off the related antenna;
  6. Cooling vents of large area ensure device heat can be released by 3 inside fans quickly.
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