P10A-S1 Mobile phone Jamming equipment

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The portable signal blockers for cell phone SWU-P10A-S1 is a highly customizable device, there are 4 sub-types that specially cover different frequencies realms. Depending on the actual demands, your problem can be fixed at a much acceptable price.

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In this fully digital age, using cell phones has already become the essential part in our daily lives.

Along with the countless benefits provided by these high-tech devices, such as instant communication and quick access to information, those unwanted distraction and disruption are revealing by them unintentionally.

Regarding this situation, some useful restrictions provided by deploying mobile cell jammer in normal life can help mitigate these negative effects and promote a more focused and productive environment.

The effective and encouraging applying in real life

In those settings where focus is the main requirement, such as classrooms, workplaces and other crowded areas.

Surrounding by these constant buzzing and notifications from cell phones, individuals will probably find it challenging to concentrate on tasks in hand or engage in meaningful conversations.

But if applying a delicate portable signal blockers, individuals can create a distraction-free environment that encourages and promotes productivity, collaboration, and social interaction.

Some basic Equipment parameters that counts

  1. The 12,000 mAh battery constructed inner the device supports about 2.5 hours’working cycle;
  2. The power inputting is widely supported AC 110~240V to DC 12V, the outputs can reach the peak 12 watt;
  3. The furthest blocking distance of this mobile phone jamming equipment can be 25 meters;
  4. The fully metal-made device body and 3 inside cooling fans are ensuing working temperature stays normal.

Details of Frequencies supported by the 4 sub-type of this Mobile Cell Jammer SWU-P10A-S1

Band NO.Type-AType-BType-CType-D
1CDMA 800MHz
2GSM 900MHz
43G AWS-1
54G LTE 700 or 4G LTE 800
64G LTE 2500
8GPS L1GPS L2/L5Car Lock 315MHz5G NR 3500
9WiFi 5.8GGPS L3/L4LPD4335G NR 3700

As a conclusion, except for the basic support for most commonly-used cellular signals like GSM and LTE, all the 4 sub-types are specially modified to focus on certain field.

  1. Device Type-A is customized to support WiFi interference;
  2. Device Type-B is customized to jam All GPS locating signals;
  3. Device Type-C is customized to disrupt those daily-used RF device;
  4. Device Type-D is customized to block latest 5G NR signals.

Unfortunately it can’t cover the all those frequencies just like the All-in-One powerful jamming equipment, but it can be specialized for particular requirement at a more accepted price.

So, please be sure which sub-type device can be the best match for your needs, to avoid further issues.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions195 × 102 × 48 mm
Device Configuration

A – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, WiFi 2.4G / 5.8G, GPS L1, LoJack, B – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, LoJack, C – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, GPS L1, Car Lock 315 / 433, LoJack, D – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G FR1, GPS L1, LoJack


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