T6A-B1 Wireless Network Jammer – Stable Shielding Solution

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Tabletop WiFi signal jammer SWU-T6A-B1 offers a stable and effective solution for controlling WiFi access, and Cellular network blocking. Been set with a reasonable price, it could be a first recommendation for practical jammer usage.

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The affordable WiFi signal blocker SWU-T6A-B1 offers a stable and effective solution for controlling WiFi access in various scenarios, to protect privacy and security from those potential threats, which come along with the convenient and seamless internet access.

It can be placed directly on a table or desk just like a common wireless router, without attracting others’ attention or causing any disruption to the surrounding space.

This makes them an ideal solution for temporary or mobile use in different settings, such as conference rooms for commercial topic, meeting place for private discussion, or some public areas where require limited WiFi access.

Where can this WiFi Signal Blocker be a helpful guard?

– In corporate settings, cell phone jammers can safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized wireless network connections that could compromise network security.

By blocking WiFi frequency within a specific radius, it creates a secure zone where confidential information can be exchanged and handled without the risk of being intercepted.

– During business meetings, table signal blockers for WiFi can provide privacy and prevent eavesdropping.

By blocking WiFi signals, it will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized individuals listening in on conversations or accessing sensitive information.

Thus providing a secure and confidential environment for private discussions.

– For the healthcare facilities, Wireless Network blocker can prevent interference with medical devices that rely on WiFi signals.

In operating rooms and critical care units, it is essential to maintain a stable and uninterrupted connection for monitoring equipment and life-support systems. It ensures a reliable and interference-free environment for these critical devices.

Meanwhile, this WiFi signal Blocker SWU-T6A-B1 also supports cellular signals of GSM, UMTS and LTE, PCS. As a result, it will be very adaptive for educational institutions where requires both cellular and WiFi signals controlled.

Brief intro of Wireless Network Jammer specifications

  1. All 6 antennas are configurable with related round switch, and can be fully closed.
  2. Jamming affecting area covers almost 30 meters, at the top 15 watts outputting.
  3. Working at power supply of AC 110~220V to DC 12V.
Weight3 kg
Dimensions320 × 115 × 55 mm


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