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  • Future-proof Drone Signal BlockerUAV Jammer with hidden antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B3 Drone jammer

    Original price was: $2,399.98.Current price is: $1,198.98.

    This cutting-edge UAV jammer SWU-DHDA-B3 offers a effective solution for eliminating the growing concerns related to those drone-caused misuse and intrusion, and the specially attached flashlight function can provide extra assistance.

  • Delicate UAV Jammer SWU-DHDA-B2Anti Drone Blocker with long running timeSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B2 Drone Blocker device

    Original price was: $11,999.98.Current price is: $6,199.98.

    Handheld anti drone shield has a further interfering range than most other device, and precisely jamming on direction it’s being pointing at. All the WiFi 2.4G & 5G and GPS L1 signals are supported, and can be worked in complicated outdoor space.

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    D14A-B1 Drone Signal Jammer


    Introducing the handheld drone signal blocking device SWU-D14A-B1, a portable equipment that designed with the end-user in mind, by featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies operation, providing you a smooth experience.

  • sleek Drone WiFi Jammer SWU-D4A-G1gray anti UAV Blockers for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    D4A-G1 Anti UAV Blocker

    Original price was: $1,019.98.Current price is: $819.98.

    This drone WiFi jammer SWU-D4A-G1 with well-designed device size is good at dealing with those unwelcome flying drones coming from nowhere, as it is manufactured with components that are specially handling WiFi signals and GPS signal.

  • Cross-Functional High Power Handheld Drone Blockereffective UAV connection Scrambler for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    D8A-B2 Anti Drone Jammer – Portable UAV Rejection

    Original price was: $1,759.98.Current price is: $1,159.98.

    The drone blocking device SWU-D8A-B2 is an advanced electronic equipment specially designed to disrupt and neutralize the communication signal between drone and controller, prevent the safety and privacy of individuals and facilities from unwelcome damage.

  • powerful Anti UAV Jammer SWU-DHDA-B52.4GHz Wireless network Blocking device in heavy weight Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B5 Military Electronic Blocker for Drones


    This UAV signal Blocker SWU-DHDA-B5 is embedded into a medium-sized suitcase that is wear-resistant and water-proof, ensuring the capability of effectively resolving drone caused problems in different outdoor scenes.

  • expensive Counter UAV Jammer SWU-DHDA-B6black flying object signal Disruptor with hidden antennasSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B6 Handheld Electronic Drone Jammer

    Original price was: $4,198.98.Current price is: $2,598.98.

    The Drone signal jamming device SWU-DHDA-B6 is a specialized device designed to eliminate UAV caused threats, by the capability of directly interrupt frequencies like Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5.8G, GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1.

  • space-saving Drone JammerAnti UAV Scrambler for all Drone-used frequencySale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B1 Drone Signal Blocker – UAV Trouble Handler

    Original price was: $3,059.98.Current price is: $2,639.98.

    Portable UAV signal blocker SWU-DHDA-B1 is able to deal with most drones available in the market, interferes signals of WiFi 2.4G & 5G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1. Affecting radius of 500 meters at most for 1 hours in the outdoor working environment.

  • Premium Drone Signal Jammer SWU-D8A-B1desktop GSM signal Blocking equipment with 8 antennasSale! Select options Quick View
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    D8A-B1 UAV jammer – Fort against Drones

    Original price was: $7,999.98.Current price is: $5,399.98.

    Welcome the drone signal blocking device SWU-D8A-B1, the peacekeeper for you to deal with those annoying and unwanted intruding flying drones. With the powerful ability of interfering communication signals between drones and their controller, this device can be the fortress against unwelcome flying UAV.

  • powerful 2.4 GHz Jammer for Drones SWU-DHDA-B4WiFi network Blocker with hidden antennas Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-B4 2.4GHz Directional Civilian Drone Jammer


    This 2.4 GHz jammer for civilian drones SWU-DHDA-B4 is a handheld device that aims at keep unexpected UAV from common people’s daily lives, and it has the ability to disrupt signals like WiFi 2.4G / 5.8G and GPS L1/L2/L5 that are applied in drones.

  • Pioneering UAV Signal Jammer SWU-DHDA-Y1High Power Drone jamming device with hidden aerialsSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    DHDA-Y1 UAV Signal Blocker – Golden Drone Nemesis

    Original price was: $7,059.98.Current price is: $4,459.98.

    The golden drone signal blocker SWU-DHDA-Y1 is designed and built to be a mighty nemesis for those unwelcome flying drones, whether to expel or invalid them. With the help of this useful protector, your peaceful life will stay being guarded.

How does the drone blocker detect and identify UAVs within its range?

The UAVs jammer utilizes a combination of radio frequency (RF) sensors and signal processing algorithms to detect and identify drones within its range.

The RF sensors are able to figure out the communication signals emitted by drones, while elaborate algorithms analyze the signals to distinguish between different drone models.

By comparing the detected signals against a database of known drone characteristics, the UAVs blocker is able to identify the type of drone present and determine the appropriate countermeasures to disrupt its operation.

As a result, the drone frequency jammer holds the ability to detect and identify drones within its range, and has become essential in effectively neutralizing upcoming security damage posed by non-granted drone activity.

Can the drone signal jammer interrupt both the control signal and video transmission of the targeted drones?

The answer is YES, as the signal jammer for drones are some truly sophisticated devices.

In the mean time the specific frequency extents that most UAV is running and transmitting on, are originally contained in the interception function list.

Normally the drones available in the market, like DJI Phantom 3, are accessing upcoming controlling commands through specific signals of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

Once turning on the drone radio jammer, these frequencies will be simultaneously or sequentially interfered, then those threats may be brought by drones will be effectively offset.

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