D8A-B2 Anti Drone Jammer – Portable UAV Rejection

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The drone blocking device SWU-D8A-B2 is an advanced electronic equipment specially designed to disrupt and neutralize the communication signal between drone and controller, prevent the safety and privacy of individuals and facilities from unwelcome damage.

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The cross-functional drone blocker SWU-D8A-B2 is an advanced electronic equipment, specially designed to disrupt and neutralize the communication signal between a drone in the air and the remote controller in some place far away.

By sending out powerful signals of radio frequency targeted at the drone’s operating frequency range, this device can effectively interfere the drone’s controlling signal.

Causing it to either hover in place, fly back to its starting position, or land to ground safely.

This cutting-edge technology is much more essential in those scenarios, where unauthorized drone flights pose security risks.

Such as prisons, local airports or government installations.

The portable nature of this drone blocker allows for quick deployment in some emergency situations.

Establishing a proactive defense system against potential threats posed by unwelcome drones.

It provides security personnel with a reliable and efficient tool to protect sensitive areas from aerial intrusions, ensuring the safety and privacy of individuals and facilities within.

For example, during large public events, the signal blocking device of UAV can be a valuable tool for law enforcement and security personnel to maintain order and ensure the safety of the public.

By effectively neutralizing drones that may pose a threat, it definitely enhances security measures and provides relief to those in charge of protecting crowded audience who are enjoying the ongoing events..

Parameters of this special Drone Blocker

– The maximum power outputs can be the remarkable amount of 59 Watts, which is actually at high level especially for these portable electronic equipment.

– The maximum blocking range can reach the astonishing 300 meters for flying drones, thanks to the great outputting.

– The maximum running time can only be 45 minutes, which is strongly affected by the high outputs

– The original power inputting is AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 24V.

Signals supported by this device

– WiFi Frequencies: WiFi 2.4G of 2400 – 2484 MHz

WiFI 5.8G of 5725 – 5850 MHz

– GPS Frequencies: GPS L1 of 1565 – 1586 MHz

GPS L2 of 1216 – 1239 MHz

Glonass L1 of 1598 – 1604 MHz

Glonass L2 of 1243 – 1249 MHz

– Radio Frequencies: LPD 433 of 433.05 – 434.79 MHz

LoRa 868/915 of 863 – 928 MHz

Weight2 kg
Dimensions200 × 160 × 50 mm


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