D4A-G1 Anti UAV Blocker

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This drone WiFi jammer SWU-D4A-G1 with well-designed device size is good at dealing with those unwelcome flying drones coming from nowhere, as it is manufactured with components that are specially handling WiFi signals and GPS signal.

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The dependable drone WiFi jammer SWU-D4A-G1 has a gray metal shell, well-designed device size is special optimized for outdoor carrying experience, as the main applying scenario is dealing with those unwelcome flying drones coming from nowhere.
Manufactured with components that are specially handling WiFi signals (Wi-Fi 2.4G and Wi-Fi 5.8G) and GPS signal (GPS L1), which are the primary operational methods of various type of drones, this electronic anti UAV blocker could be a good hunter for drones acting abnormally.

The lasting loud buzzing sound over the air, the unexpected intruding actions that might cause harm to children, and the losing-controlled drones falling from the upper sky might cause physical damage to surrounding environment.
All these issues should be avoided from the beginning, but this normally relies on the UAV operators.
So we would recommend you to equip this portable GPS signal jamming device to fight back those irresponsible activities.

Highlights that will offer you great help

  1. Great Performance: Despite the device size is limited to a merely mobile phone size (did not count the size of 4 antenna), this device has a mismatched outputting level that is outstanding 38 Watts, really close to some small tabletop electronic devices.
  2. Long Ranged Interference: With the steady support from the power outputs, the interfering distance ranges from 60 metersto limitations of 300 meters, which can be a advantage against incoming UAVs.
  3. Good Cooling System: High level power consumption brings up impressive performance, but can also lead to lots of heat generated during running state.
    To avoid becoming overheated, interior cooling fans and many vents are working together to efficiently dissipate heat.
  4. Rechargeable Battery: Outdoor scene normally means few or no power supply, so there is a built in battery with 8,000 mAh capacity to support jamming flying objects in different settings for about 40 minutes.
    The attached power charger can restore the inner battery to full state, after the jamming function has changed it to running out state.
  5. Nylon Arm Bag: Considering the outdoor environment might be changeable, we have provided a green arm bag made of nylon material to release the long-time holding trouble, and your hand won’t be occupied by this portable drone WiFi jammer.
Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions145 × 95 × 45 mm


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