DHDA-Y1 UAV Signal Blocker – Golden Drone Nemesis

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The golden drone signal blocker SWU-DHDA-Y1 is designed and built to be a mighty nemesis for those unwelcome flying drones, whether to expel or invalid them. With the help of this useful protector, your peaceful life will stay being guarded.

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Drones are now more and more popular among common people, deriving so many applications for recreational use.

However, the widespread use of drones have already caused a number of troubles to normal people’s lives, that’s the point UAV signal jammer is going to clear.

The major concern about the drone abusing issues should be privacy invasion.

Drones equipped with cameras can easily capture images and videos of any single person without permission, leading to potential breaches of privacy.

This can be especially concerning in residential areas, where people may be unknowingly surveilled by drones flying overhead.

In this situation, pioneering UAV signal jammer SWU-DHDA-Y1 can interfere and invalid the drones, help protecting privacy and secure the environment.

Furthermore, the noise pollution caused by flying drones can also have a negative influence on people’s daily lives.

The buzzing sound of drones can be disruptive and irritating, especially in residential areas where people are trying to relax or concentrate.

Continuous exposure to drone noise can lead to stress, annoyance, and even sleep disturbances.

By deploying this UAV signal jammer SWU-DHDA-Y1, these unwelcome flying drones will be expelled or forced to land.

Restore the peaceful and quiet space to people being affected.

Specifications of this golden equipment

– Blocking Effect: 1. Affecting distance of 1000 meters at top;

          1. Affecting angle of 30 degree;
          2. Affecting method is Return;

– Battery Details: 1. Full volume of 3500mAh;

          1. Supporting top outputs of 135 watt;
          2. Maximum running time of 40 minutes;
          3. Recharging by 29.4V Charging Adapter;

– Supported Frequencies Scope: 900MHz, 860 ~ 930 MHz;

1.5G, 1550 ~ 1620 MHz;

2.4G, 2400 ~ 2483 MHz;

5.2G, 5150 ~ 5250 MHz;

5.8G, 5725 ~ 5850 MHz;

Operating Instructions for Users

Step 1. On the top control panel, press the corresponding buttons of the frequency bands which will be used to interfere drones;

Step 2. Point the device front to the location of flying drones, keep adjusting direction of the front to align with the drones’ real-time position, making the jamming effect stays best.

Tips: If all the 5 frequency buttons are all turned on, the flying drones in affecting are will be forced to land on ground (if the forced landing function is supported by the drones).

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Dimensions223 × 334 × 140 mm


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