DHDA-B6 Handheld Electronic Drone Jammer

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The Drone signal jamming device SWU-DHDA-B6 is a specialized device designed to eliminate UAV caused threats, by the capability of directly interrupt frequencies like Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5.8G, GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1.

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Welcome the portable counter UAV jammer SWU-DHDA-B6, a specialized device that is designed to eliminate drone caused threats.

From accidentally flying over while you are enjoying a backyard BBQ with your family, to causing unexpected interruptions during deliveries, the unwelcome presence of these drones can sometimes be more of a bothersome nuisance other than help.
In this case, this jammer with the capability of dealing with drone caused issues can be a trustworthy protector for you and your family. Just keep reading, and you will find out the advantages that it will bring.

Device Specifications of this handheld Drone jammer that you will be interested

1. The GPS signal jammer can disrupt signals such as Wireless frequencies of WiFi 2.4G and WiFi 5.8G, and locating system frequencies like GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1, more details will be displayed later.
All these signals mentioned above are taken by the majority of drones for civilian usage.

2. With the advantage of large front panel which has hidden directional high-gain aerials installed inside, and the reasonable outputting at 25 watts, those drones flying within the range of 250 meters can not escape the influence of this electronic drone jammer in working status.

3. As a portable type electronic equipment, it’s a bit heavier than other small size jammers, for the weight is about 3.5 Kg.
To provide a much comfortable holding experience, a handle is equipped in the downside of front panel, allows you easily point it to the wanted direction.

4. Power supply comes from the inner rechargeable battery, and it is bale to support this WiFi signal jammer works constantly for almost 90 minutes.
And you can use the AC power adapter (supports AC 110 – 240V to DC 27V) to restore the battery capacity.

5. All the operations have already been simplified, just to avoid those complicated configurations or adjustments.
For example, with a simple press on the power switch at back panel, this hidden antenna jammer will immediately boot up, then start to block GPS and Wi-Fi signals.
If you only want to jam the GPS frequency, there are control switch aside the handle to turn OFF unnecessary antennas, just scroll it to the minimum state and no more modification needed.
Besides, you may wonder where to view the jammer’s battery capacity, go check at the small LED display above the handle and the answer is in there.

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions380 × 260 × 95 mm


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