DHDA-B3 Drone jammer

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This cutting-edge UAV jammer SWU-DHDA-B3 offers a effective solution for eliminating the growing concerns related to those drone-caused misuse and intrusion, and the specially attached flashlight function can provide extra assistance.

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This future-proof drone signal blocker SWU-DHDA-B3 equipped with flashlights, have the potential to enrich the methods people protect their privacy and security.

Devices of this type are designed to disrupt the signal between flying drones and their controllers, effectively preventing unauthorized drone surveillance or even terrorism attacks.

With the increasing popularity of drones for both recreational and commercial purposes, the requirement for effective countermeasures against these flexible devices has become more urgent.

With the addition of flashlight to these drone jammers can further enhance their utility, allowing users to visually track and identify drones in low-light or dark environment.

Why should we consider using this Drone Signal Blocker to deal with drones?

These jammers posses the ability to provide a non-lethal means of neutralizing potential threats.

In situations where drones are being used for illegal activities or malicious intentions, such as spying on private property or carrying out unauthorized surveillance, these devices can effectively disable the drone and prevent them from causing unacceptable harm.

The flashlight component also enables users to pinpoint the location of these drone in the air and take appropriate actions, whether that involves contacting authorities or simply deterring the operator.

Furthermore, drone signal blocker with flashlights can be used in different settings to maintain and enhance safety and security.

For example, law enforcement agencies can use these devices to control crowds or monitor gatherings in a safe distance, reducing the risk of potential disturbances or violence.

Overall, the integration of a flashlight with such a UAV jammer offers a effective solution for addressing the growing concerns related to drone misuse and intrusion.

Device Specifications that will help

> Interfering with WiFi 2.4G & 5.8G and GPS L1 signals, which are widely used by most type drones available in market.

> Almost in same size as a commonly used flashlight, is convenient to carry out by putting in pocket.

> While it’s small in device bigness, it’s able to jam those drone-used signals over 800 meters.

> Manufactured with well-designed outer shape, making it waterproof and available to work in rainy circumstance.

> Supply only with interior battery, the jamming function can last for 45 min, and almost 3 hours for flashlight.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions66 × 66 × 280 mm


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