DHDA-B5 Military Electronic Blocker for Drones


This UAV signal Blocker SWU-DHDA-B5 is embedded into a medium-sized suitcase that is wear-resistant and water-proof, ensuring the capability of effectively resolving drone caused problems in different outdoor scenes.

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Introducing the anti UAV jammer SWU-DHDA-B5, embedded into a medium-sized suitcase that is wear-resistant and water-proof.
But the sturdy shell has not set any restriction to device performance, and it always could be the first choice for efficient method to solve drone related problems.

You probably have watched the wonderful show in the night sky performed by hundreds of vibrant drones, every single movement was synchronized flawlessly, together they are creating a symphony of lights and shapes that left the audience in awe.
And the key of performing such complicated activities lies in meticulous planning and coordination.
It’s really a splendid and impressive experience for people who are enjoying these amazing plays right there, but this is not always existed for individual drone players in our daily lives.

Great Performance that makes it outstanding

Then should this electronic blocker for drones come to play, as it features well-crafted hardware and components that deliver brilliant signal jamming capabilities.

** It is able to disrupt the Wi-Fi signals and GPS signals used by those flying drones in further place, with radius starts from 500 meters to 1200 meters, and this data has most civilian drones in the market covered.
** It has remarkable maximum power outputting of 95 W, and this is the main reason for the over 1 kilometer shielding distance.
** It can disrupt drone message exchange signals for about 120 minutes in outdoor scenarios.
** It is paired with 2 different chargers, an AC power charger that supports AC 110/240V to DC 27V, and an external AC 110/220V power supplier.

You can check the information of drone used signals compatible with this anti UAV jammer below, and these data also include the specific outputs level.

I. Wireless Frequencies : Wi-Fi 2.4GHz ( 2400-2480MHz, 40 watt ), Wi-Fi 5.8GHz ( 5720-5850MHz, 15 watt );
II. Positioning Frequency : GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 : ( 1560 – 1620 MHz, 40 watt ).

Weight9.2 kg
Dimensions505 × 354 × 119 mm


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