DHDA-B4 2.4GHz Directional Civilian Drone Jammer


This 2.4 GHz jammer for civilian drones SWU-DHDA-B4 is a handheld device that aims at keep unexpected UAV from common people’s daily lives, and it has the ability to disrupt signals like WiFi 2.4G / 5.8G and GPS L1/L2/L5 that are applied in drones.

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Nowadays the civilian drones have certainly introduced some challenges into our daily routines. Whether it’s the constant buzzing disrupting our peaceful neighborhood atmosphere, or the concerns for personal privacy that these UAVs could have recorded people’s life without permission, these unpleasant behaviors should be stopped.
That’s why we recommend this 2.4 GHz jammer for drones SWU-DHDA-B4, a handheld device that aims at keep unexpected UAV from common people’s daily lives.
Most of all, it requires no complicated operations, just press on the power button and point to the direction of intruding drones, then the rest works will be done by itself automatically.

Normally these UAVs are sending messages and receiving controlling commands through the WiFi signal, which has no difference with the Wi-Fi signals that are widely used by cell phones, routers and most smart home equipment everyday.
Furthermore, the flying drones need to use the public locating systems to confirm their real-time position, by which to estimate the distance to takeoff point and the remaining operating time, to make sure return in time.
In most case the GPS signal are used to support this process, so it’s the key point to affect those unwanted intruding drones.

Be more precisely, the 2.4 GHz jammer for drones affected signal frequencies’ accurate details are shown below.
1. WiFi 2.4 GHz : 2400 – 2486 MHz
2. WiFi 5.8 GHz : 5700 – 5800 MHz
3. GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 : 1560 – 1620 MHz
4. GPS L2/L5 : 1170 – 1280 MHz

Specifications that should be displayed

  1. This specific civilian drone jammer for home has the fully 34 watt power outputting, allows the jamming function disrupt the drone exchange frequencies within the extent of 200 to 600 meters.
  2. Being designed as a portable equipment, the built-in battery is the only electricity source that all the operations and running up rely on.
    It’s able to support 80 minutes of drone signal blocking, and can be recharged through the attached AC charger.
  3. Considering the most usage scene should be the outdoor setting, please pay a attention to surrounding ambient temperature when applying it to interfere with UAVs in the air.
    This equipment should be working in condition of environment temperature within -20 – 60 centigrade.
Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions260 × 260 × 70 mm


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