Powerful Multifunctional IED Jammers for Military Police Law Enforcement

Level up your security practices with our state-of-the-art high power military industry signal jamming devices. Safeguard your security with our innovative powerful cell phone jamming technology choices!

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  • Pioneering all-frequency High Power Jamming equipmentGPS Tracker Blocker with adjustable Power OutputSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T22A-B1 High Power Blocking device – Configurable Signal Silencer

    Original price was: $1,099.98.Current price is: $999.98.

    Tabletop blocking equipment SWU-T22A-B1 is manufactured with strong ability of jamming commonly-used signal all around, which is powered by the 22 high-gain antennas that can be adjusted individually. Always can be a first choice when picking up from all those powerful signal jamming device for sale.

  • Military GPS Tracker Defense Jammer SWU-P16A-C1Portable Cell Phone signal Disruptor has special camouflage colorSale! Select options Quick View
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    P16A-C1 Military GPS Tracker Defense Blocker

    Original price was: $1,298.98.Current price is: $839.98.

    The special anti tracking GPS jammer device SWU-P16A-C1 is originally designed with a special military green camouflage color, it’s time to take advantage of this strong helper to establish a movable firewall for your peaceful life.

  • Cross-Functional High Power Handheld Drone Blockereffective UAV connection Scrambler for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    D8A-B2 Anti Drone Jammer – Portable UAV Rejection

    Original price was: $1,759.98.Current price is: $1,159.98.

    The drone blocking device SWU-D8A-B2 is an advanced electronic equipment specially designed to disrupt and neutralize the communication signal between drone and controller, prevent the safety and privacy of individuals and facilities from unwelcome damage.

  • Concise-exterior Powerful Cell Phone Jamming deviceHigh Power Mobile Jammers for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    WHDA-W1 Powerful Cell Phone Jamming equipment

    Original price was: $1,559.98.Current price is: $1,159.98.

    Special powerful blocking equipment SWU-WHDA-W1 is built for communication signal blocking and disturbing, having at most 150W output level, the special while carved shell can serve as a protector of inner hardware, and a camouflage from installation area nearby.

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    T18A-B1 High Power FM Radio Frequency jammer


    The fixed RF signal jammer SWU-T18A-B1 can be invaluable tools in experimental research and many other aspects, helping researchers investigate the effects of radio frequency interference on various systems and technologies.

  • fixed Military Grade Mobile Cell Jammer SWU-T10A-B1WiFi 2.4GHz network Blockers with 10 antennas Add to cart Quick View
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    T10A-B1 Desktop Cell Phone Blocker for Police


    The police mobile signal jamming device SWU-T10A-B1 is a tabletop device manufactured to block Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS signals for common indoor environment. Supported by all the omnidirectional aerials, it’s able to establish a non-stop shielding field of great effect.

  • movable Powerful Mobile Signal Jammer SWU-P12A-B212 antennas installed WiFi network Blocker for saleSale! Select options Quick View
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    P12A-B2 High Powered Cell Signal Jammer

    Original price was: $2,298.98.Current price is: $1,398.98.

    This powerful cell signal blocker SWU-P12A-B2 is originally manufactured with a excellent cooling system, that ensuring the device can be running at the maximum outputting of 60 watts for a long time, thus shields cellular and Wi-Fi signals stably and efficiently.

  • Unexcelled WiFi Jammer for cell phone GPS UHF VHFCar GPS navigation Blocker of large sizeSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    P27A-S1 WiFi Jamming device

    Original price was: $1,998.98.Current price is: $1,398.98.

    This modern signal jammer for cell phone has bigger size than most portable electronic device, which bring a large battery of 15,000 mAh, and ensures longer working hours with only battery supporting. Except the WiFi signals, all the daily used signals such as GSM, 5G and GPS Navigation are also fully supported.

  • multifunctional Counter IED Jammer SWU-T16A-S1Mobile network Blockers owns modification scroll buttonSale! Select options Quick View
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    T16A-S1 Desktop Prison Signal Jammer

    Original price was: $1,998.98.Current price is: $1,398.98.

    The fixed IED blocking device SWU-T16A-S1 is the high quality signal handler that has both trendy outlook and powerful frequency disrupting ability integrated in one, can easily and effectively satisfy your particular signal blocking needs.

  • Fixed High Power Cell Signal Jammeranti GPS tracker blockers with 16 aerialsSale! Select options Quick View
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    T16A-B1 Powerful Mobile Cell Blocker

    Original price was: $1,999.98.Current price is: $1,499.98.

    The powerful blocker for cell phone SWU-T16A-B1 offers a reliable and effective solution for blocking unwanted wireless signals, completely resolving these frequencies caused issues and restore the peaceful life.

  • Classy High Power Signal Jamming device for cellphone wifi gps rfRF Scrambler of strong effect with remote controlSale! Select options Quick View
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    T20A-S1 High Power Signal Blocking equipment

    Original price was: $1,998.98.Current price is: $1,498.98.

    Newly launched signal blocking equipment SWU-T20A-S1 will help resolving all those annoying invasion of privacy with every effort, by the original powerful jamming ability of affecting radius up to 60 meters at 155 watt and supporting wide range of commonly used signals.

  • Powerful Cell Phone Jammer SWU-T24A-B1GPS signal Tracking Blockers for saleSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    T24A-B1 High Power Signal Jammer

    Original price was: $2,298.98.Current price is: $1,449.98.

    The desktop high power frequency blocker SWU-T24A-B1 belongs to the type of special electronic equipment that blocks cellular signals, prevent those mobile phones from getting messages and viewing internet.

  • Sturdy High Power Signal Jammer2.4GHZ 5GHz Wi-Fi Blocker worth the priceSale! Add to cart Quick View
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    PHDA-W1 Powerful Signal Blocking device

    Original price was: $2,099.98.Current price is: $1,599.98.

    The powerful signal jamming equipment SWU-PHDA-W1 is designed to block or disrupt signals of devices communicating through mobile signals or wireless network, helping maintain a safe and secure environment for those large scale events of real worlds.

  • Premium Drone Signal Jammer SWU-D8A-B1desktop GSM signal Blocking equipment with 8 antennasSale! Select options Quick View
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    D8A-B1 UAV jammer – Fort against Drones

    Original price was: $7,999.98.Current price is: $5,399.98.

    Welcome the drone signal blocking device SWU-D8A-B1, the peacekeeper for you to deal with those annoying and unwanted intruding flying drones. With the powerful ability of interfering communication signals between drones and their controller, this device can be the fortress against unwelcome flying UAV.

High Power Signal jammer typically incorporates various capabilities to disrupt a wide scope of frequencies utilized by several interconnection signals. Here are some specific functions that a multi-functional military cell phone blocker can perform:

– Cellular Jamming: Disrupts communication signals on cellular networks, including GSM, CDMA, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and potentially newer standards like 5G.

– WiFi Interfering: Blocks WiFi signals operating on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, targeting standards such as 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

– GPS Intercepting: Interferes with GPS signals, preventing accurate positioning and navigation services.

– Bluetooth Blocking: Disrupts Bluetooth communication between devices, hindering wireless connections and data transfer.

– RFID Interrupting: Blocks Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signals used for tracking and identification purposes in various applications.

– Wireless Video/Audio Shielding: Interferes with wireless video and audio communication, disrupting surveillance cameras, baby monitors, and other wireless audio/video devices.

– Drone Jamming: Counteracts drone control signals, preventing unauthorized drone flights in restricted areas or protecting sensitive locations.

Apart from the excellent capability mentioned above, the powerful signal blocking equipment is also endowed with more features.

> Customizable Frequency Interfering: Allows users to specify particular frequency bands or channels for jamming based on their requirements or the specific threat landscape.

> Selective Jamming: Allows users to selectively jam certain types of signals while allowing others to remain unaffected, offering more targeted disruption.

> Adjustable Power and Range: Allows users to adjust the jamming signal output level and coverage area to suit different scenarios and operational requirements.

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