SWU-P12A-S3 LCD Display embedded Multifunctional Mobile Phone Jammer


The powerful multifunctional cell phone jamming device SWU-P12A-S3 is a mighty portable equipment that can disrupt various frequencies like PCS, 4G LTE,5G NR, Wi-Fi and GPS signals, beside a nylon made arm packet in green color is provided as a convenient helpmate to update user experience with it.

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Introducing the high power 5G cell jammer SWU-P12A-S3, a mighty portable equipment that can disrupt various frequencies, such as PCS, 4G LTE and 5G NR, also containing the Wi-Fi and GPS signals.
Along with the great ability, the device hardware is excellent to boost the jamming function effect. As a result, the device size is much bigger than a handheld jamming equipment.
But feel no worry for this situation, cause a nylon made arm packet in light brown color is provided as a convenient helpmate, which can free up your hands and make the user experience easy and comfort.
Whether you are using this cell phone jamming device in the public place like local library, large reading room, or some personal space such as living room, this WiFi signal jammer can always keep you from all those distractions brought by cell phones or other smart things.

Available Frequencies Information

A default device sub-type is provided as an option, that can interfere with most common cellular signals.
Apart from that, it’s available that order some special model with different frequencies combination.
All the supported frequencies are listed in the table below, feel free to check up.

Cellular2GGSM 850
GSM 900
3G3G UMTS 2100
4G4G LTE 700
4G LTE 2300
5G5G FR1 3500
5G FR1 3700
WirelessWi-FiWi-Fi 2.4G
Wi-Fi 5.2G
Wi-Fi 5.8G
PositioningGPSGPS L1
UHFCar Lock 315
LPD 433
LoRa 868

Note : all the bands in bold are included in the default model.

>> Equipment Parameters of Multifunctional Mobile Phone Jammer

– Power Supply : AC Adapter of AC 110/240V to DC 12V, Car Charger of 12V
– Power Consumption : 12 Watt at most
– Blocking Distance : up to 25 meters
– DIP Switches : adjust each aerial separately
– Battery Volume : max volume of 7,800 mAh
– Battery Lasting : about 2.5 hours
– Working Humidity : between 5 – 80%
– Working Temperature : between -10 – 50 °C
– Cooling System : 3 built-in high speed cooling fans, interior efficient radiator

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions195 × 102 × 48 mm
Device Configuration

Default – GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G FR1, WiFi, GPS L1, Customization – Combination of Your Requirement


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