T18A-B1 High Power FM Radio Frequency jammer


The fixed RF signal jammer SWU-T18A-B1 can be invaluable tools in experimental research and many other aspects, helping researchers investigate the effects of radio frequency interference on various systems and technologies.

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Introducing the powerful jammer equipment SWU-T18A-B1, a tabletop 5G RF jamming device that is meant to be invaluable tools in experimental research and many other aspects, providing a controlled setting to explore the effects of radio frequency interference on various cellular reception systems, Anti signal monitoring and GPS jamming technologies.
Presuming you are a researcher, who are going to scrutinize the resilience of current communication systems, and have a strong willing to develop countermeasures against disruptive radio frequency signals, create some innovation in the realm of signal security.
Then it will be a great advantage for you to deploy these high power remote control blocking devices in your experiments related to signals disruption, cause you can apply it in simulating real-world scenarios where radio frequency interference is a significant concern.

Simple Guidance for Device Installation

In case that you are not familiar with the proper operations, we have prepared this briefly guidance for you.

RF Blocking device side panel port and switchStep 1. Take put all the components from the package, you will get 1 metal casing jammer, 12 removable antennas, 1 AC adaptor and 1 power cable.
Step 2. Carefully install these antennas to the related slot, they have been marked with same signal tag, you won’t miss it.
Step 3. Using the power cable to connect the AC adaptor and the round power input port, as you can see there is a white mark of “Input DC 12V 150W” right above it.
Step 4. Simply press the power switch to the “ON” side, you will see the green LED light turns ON in the same time.

After this, you have already started your signal jamming experience, and your experiments have some preparation works done.


Some Useful Tips for Advanced Skills

>> As you can see there are 18 rotate buttons with blue paint, they are set to regulate the antennas outputs. And it allows you to change any single antennas from power off state to maximum power consumption.RF Blocking device owns large scale of cooling fins

>> If every antennas are set to full state, then this High Power jamming device will be running at 90 Watt. In this case, the jamming function can affect those supported signals within 50 meters.
>> Please try not to touch the device outer case if it has running for a period of time, cause this normally means that massive heat is being released through the cooling fins which has covered the metal casing made of aluminum alloy, while the cooling fans are dissipating heat in the same time.

Supported Frequencies of this FM RF Signal Jammer device

** GSM 850 : 869 – 894 MHz
** PCS : 1930 – 1990 MHz
** 3G UMTS 2100 : 2110 – 2155 MHz
** 4G LTE 700 : 729 – 768 MHz
** 4G LTE 2300 : 2350 – 2360 MHz
** 4G LTE 2600 : 2496 – 2690 MHz
** 5G FR1 600 : 617 – 698 MHz
** 5G FR1 3500 : 3400 – 3600 MHz
** 5G FR1 3700 : 3600 – 3800 MHz
** WiFi 2.4G : 2400 – 2500 MHz
** WiFi 5.2G : 5150 -5350 MHz
** WiFi 5.8G : 5725 – 5850 MHz
** GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz
** GPS L2 : 1216 – 1239 MHz
** GPS L5 : 1164 – 1189 MHz
** LoJack : 173 MHz
** Car Lock 315 : 315 MHz
** Car Lock 433 : 433 MHz
** LoRa 868 : 868 MHz
** VHF : 135 – 174 MHz
** UHF/Walkie Talkie : 400 – 470 MHz

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions460 × 238 × 60 mm
Device Configuration

Default – GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G FR1, WiFi, GPS, Car Lock 315 / 433, LoRa 868, VHF/UHF, Customization – Combination of Your Requirement


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