T10A-B1 Desktop Cell Phone Blocker for Police


The police mobile signal jamming device SWU-T10A-B1 is a tabletop device manufactured to block Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS signals for common indoor environment. Supported by all the omnidirectional aerials, it’s able to establish a non-stop shielding field of great effect.

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Welcome the military grade mobile cell jammer SWU-T10A-B1, a tabletop device manufactured to block Cellular (GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS 2100, 4G LTE 700 / 2300), Wi-Fi (2.4G/5.2G/5.8GHz) and GPS signals (GPS L1/L2) for common indoor environment.
With the support of 10 omnidirectional aerials, it’s able to establish a non-stop shielding field of great effect.

Device Specifications that make it a Powerful Helper

  1. Great Performance: The top power level of this equipment is limited to 50 watts, when all the 10 antennas are working at full state.
    Although this data it’s not very outstanding for a tabletop type electronic device, but considering the shielding are is ranged from the 100 to 150 square meters, it’s strong enough to be a good assistant.
  2. Good Cooling System: In view of the mentioned outputting data above, this police desktop cell phone blocker for security in working state will definitely encounter the heat dissipation issue.
    To ensure that equipment stays away from any abnormal status, 3 big cooling fans are embedded in the device top panel.
    Along with the full metal outer casing they are continuously release the generated heat, keep device running for 24/7 without getting overheat.
  3. Adapted Placement: Normally the stationary equipment like this WiFi signal blocker is placed on the small table or book shelf, with a regular power outlet around to offer stable electricity supply.
    But this device has been built with an extra installation option, mounted on the wall by attaching to some simple sturdy nails. Which would be a easy way to save some space for a small room.

Package Contents of this Military Grade Mobile Cell Jammer

  1. The black jammer hostfor 1. It’s pretty special in shape, while the length is 448 millimeters, the width is only 120 millimeters.
  2. Omnidirectional antennas for 3. These aerials are detached from host by default, need to be installed before power on.
  3. Power chargers for 2. An old-type AC to DC charger with a long power cable, used for indoor scene.
    An extra car charger is provided for some urgency or extra usage in car.
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions448 × 120 × 34 mm


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