PHDA-W1 Powerful Signal Blocking device

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The powerful signal jamming equipment SWU-PHDA-W1 is designed to block or disrupt signals of devices communicating through mobile signals or wireless network, helping maintain a safe and secure environment for those large scale events of real worlds.

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The high power signal jammer is sort of devices that are designed to block or disrupt signals from devices communicating through radio frequencies, such as smartphones, GPS locating systems, and Wi-Fi routers.

By emitting radio waves on the same frequency as the target devices, it can effectively disable those devices’ ability to transmit or retrieve signals, thus rendering them useless.

Talking back to this sturdy high power signal jammer SWU-PHDA-W1, the excellent hardware configuration grants the stable ability to help resolving many critical or potential troubles encountered in complex situations of real world.

In the corporate settings, this signal blocker for WiFi can be used to protect sensitive information.

During chief board meetings, significant urgent negotiations, or those sensitive high-level discussions, helping prevent corporate espionage and safeguard valuable business secrets.

For those public events like crowed concert and sports competitions, which strongly require high-level security.

By block signals from potential explosive devices or remote-controlled drones constantly, the signal blocker can help maintain a safe and secure environment for participants and attendees.

Originally Supported Frequencies Details

Cellular2GGSM-850869.2 – 893.8 MHz
3GAWS-12110 – 2155 MHz
4GPCS1930 – 1990 MHz
WCS2350 – 2360 MHz
BRS2496 – 2690 MHz
5GFR1 25002496 – 2690 MHz
FR1 34003400 – 3600 MHz
FR1 48004800 – 4900 MHz
WiFi2.4G2.4G2400 – 2484 MHz
5G5.2G5150 – 5350 MHz
5.8G5725 – 5850 MHz

Impressive High Power Signal Jammer Parameters

  1. Fully outputting level is limited to 200 Watts, it’s much higher than most of the phone-sized jammers.
  2. Shielding function is able to cover areas up to 400 square meters, which will satisfy most actual applying scenes.
  3. Device case is made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, making it’s waterproof and dust-resistant.
  4. Large area of vent holes are drilled on the surface of equipment, along with the inside fans ensure excellent cooling ability.
  5. A metal handle is installed on the top of outer casing, providing a convenient carriage experience.
Weight7.2 kg
Dimensions250 × 442 × 125 mm


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