DHDA-B2 Drone Blocker device

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Handheld anti drone shield has a further interfering range than most other device, and precisely jamming on direction it’s being pointing at. All the WiFi 2.4G & 5G and GPS L1 signals are supported, and can be worked in complicated outdoor space.

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Back to time of end of last century, when UAV still played a role as mysterious and precise military tactical weapons, to accomplish some dangerous and valuable missions.

In that period, it would be strange introducing the drone blocker to ordinary people, cause civilian drone for public was first authorized by FAA on 2006.

Now after merely 2 decades’ development and astonishing prosperity of consumer electronics, civilian drones have become increasingly popular between those electronics enthusiast.

Along with popularizing, problems come at same time.

To resolve it or stop from the beginning, this reliable drone signal blocker will be a valuable recommendation.

Why recommend this delicate UAV Jammer to deal with drone-caused troubles?

One of the most negative influence of civilian drones on daily lives is the potential for accidents and injuries.

The rotating wings can be sharp blades that cause serious harm once come into touch with people or objects around.

In crowded areas or spaces with limited visibility, the risk of accidents involving drones is heightened.

Furthermore, irresponsible operation such as flying near buildings or people, can result in property damage or physical injury.

All those problems discussed above can be avoid by launching this anti drone signal jamming device, as it will jamming the WiFi 2.4G & 5.8G and GPS L1 signals in distance of 1 kilometer, while working at maximum 50 watt outputting.

Cause the WiFi 2.4G & 5.8G are used for remote communications between drone and user, GPS L1 is used for self locating of drone, blocking them means stopping those flying drones from causing any severe troubles.

Hidden inner directional aerial making the jamming function only take effect on direction the drone signal blocker is pointing at.

What make this shield-shape UAV Jammer a portable safety guard?

If watch directly from the fore side, it’s really same as some black toy shield made of plastic.

But once turn to it’s sides, the thickness of about 50 mm would be very impressive.

The drone blocker’s total weight is specially controlled to 1.5 kilogram, to optimize the holding experience and avoid user from getting tired too early.

While working outdoor with power only from battery interior, it’s lasting for about 2 hours.

The black outer case is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, result in shockproof and waterproof ability.

In those outdoor space affected by bad weather and complicated environment, launching this UAV jammer to interfere flying drone won’t be a impossible mission.

To match this anti drone shield ‘s amazing jamming capacity, a well-made suitcase providing perfect protection is built to ensure the transportation more convenient and flexible.

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions277 × 80 × 50 mm


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