P1A-B1 WiFi Blocker – Nemesis for Spy Camera

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Handheld WiFi Camera blocker SWU-P1A-B1 looks really tiny for it’s small size of 95 x 45 x 18 mm (L x W x D). It’s designed and made specially for 2.4GHz signals, like WiFi 2.4G and Bluetooth. Possessing the ability to be the first selection for affordable and practical jamming device for WiFi.

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The WiFi signal jammer SWU-P1A-B1 looks really tiny, actually it’s only 95 mm long and 45 mm wide, smaller than the classical iPhone 4s.

As for depth of 18mm, it’s same with some large capacity power bank, but this equipment just weighs 145g, more like 3 fresh eggs in this aspect.

While holding this WiFi blocker in hand, it’s feeling more like using some small electronic device popular in about more than a decade ago.

> Device Parameters that you might be interested

– Charging Power Source: AC 110~240V to DC 5V

– Temperature range of working: -10 ~ 55 centigrade

– Humidity range of working: 5% ~ 80%

– Working state outputs: less than 1 watt

– A LED light aside the top antenna indicates the device working state

> WiFi Signal Jammer focus on signals of 2.4G

– specially for 2.4GHz jamming, contains WiFi 2.4G, Bluetooth

– interfere almost 10 meters at maximum outputting

– blocking those devices working on 2.4GHz frequency range. such as the infamous spy camera

In this case, if you are travelling out with your family or friends and living in hotels or inns.

Bring this tiny WiFi camera blocker, to safeguard your privacy and avoid those unwanted problems.

Just turn it on and put it in the table, all the 2.4GHz signals will be jammed, and devices or hardware relying on this frequency band will encounter running issues.

Furthermore, you can go out while put it in your packet or pocket, no worries of being recording secretly, for it’s covering area of 10 meters radius.

> Precautions of before and during you experience with WiFi Signal Jammer

– it can not block 5G WiFi signal

– please avoid using it during the charging state

– make sure the antenna is installed correctly, before power on

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions95 × 45 × 18 mm


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