PHDA-B5 WiFi Signal Blocking device – Adjourn Wireless Signal

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Introducing the portable WiFi signal blockers SWU-PHDA-B5, which offers a great help at a reasonable price, to interfere WiFi connections of all these commonly used WiFi signals at different scenarios.

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Introducing the simplistic WiFi blocking equipment SWU-PHDA-B5, the ultimate answer for those tired of slow internet download speeds and pesky daily information overages.

This little sized signal jammer could be a fantastic superhero cape for your digital life, just put it on to save the day with its ability to block unwanted signals and enhance connection speeds.

Whether you’re now working at home remotely, live streaming your favorite shows, or just trying to send a quick email without facing the dreaded and desperate buffering symbol haunting in your screen, this WiFi blocking equipment has got you covered.

Leave unreliable connections behind, and embrace the smooth browsing from anywhere of your pleasure.

With this handy but useful gadget, you’ll be able to surf the web with ease and enjoy lag-free internet experiences like never before.

So don’t hesitate, just bring yourself this portable WiFi signal blocker and take control of your upcoming digital adventure!

Overall, this device can offer a number of benefits to your life.

Simply by improving the performance of your Wi-Fi network, reducing interference from other devices, creating a more secure network environment.

Support to every single person from this little device

>> If you are a student, it can help you to improve your focus and concentration while studying. By blocking out distractions from other Wi-Fi networks, you can create a more conducive environment for learning.

>> If you are a business professional, this WiFi blocking equipment is able to improve your productivity at work. By reducing interference from other devices, you can ensure that your Wi-Fi network is always performing at its best. This can help you to get more work done within less time.

>> If you are a parent, it could be used to protect your children from long time usage of TV or other electronic devices like iPad.

By significantly slow down the WiFi connection of these device, children will move their attention to other things.

And it’s good for their body growth and health state.

Specifications of this well-design device

Power StatesFull outputs of 3 watts
Inputs of AC 100~240V to DC 12V
Shielding Areabetween 8 ~ 15 meters
Frequency detailsWiFi 2.4G, 5.2G & 5.8G
Battery ParametersVolume of 5,200 mAh
Lasts for almost 180 minutes
Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions80 × 40 × 185 mm


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