T12A-B1 WiFi Signal Jamming equipment

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WiFi signal jamming devices SWU-T12A-B1 is a might well-built device that disrupts and prevents wireless internet signals, can not only cause disruptions in devices connectivity and prevent accessing the wireless network, but also reducing radio frequency interference. Besides, the cellular signals like GSM and locating signals like GPS are also in the blocking list.

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WiFi signal blocking device SWU-T12A-B1 is a powerful device that disrupts and prevents wireless internet signals, such as those used for wireless local area networks, from functioning properly.

Once activated, it will emit radio frequency signals constantly that overpower or interfere with the signals sent between devices and the WiFi routers.

Causing disruptions in devices connectivity and preventing them from accessing the wireless network.

In many various settings, using this futuristic WiFi signal blocking device can provide several benefits for us.

For instance, in those areas for working, this device can prevent employees from accessing social media, streaming services, or other internet distractions during work hours.

And that will lead to increased productivity and a more focused work environment.

Furthermore, in those special environment with critical systems that rely on a stabilized wireless connection, like hospitals’ ICU rooms.

Cell phone blocking equipment can be very helpful in reducing radio frequency interference from other unrelated devices, ensuring the patient care’s essential integrity.

Advantages of this WiFi Signal Blocking device

Modifiable Aerials: All the 12 aerials can be switched from status of power-off to max-outputting mode separately, by adjust the related buttons on the side of device body.

By this, you can setup some special jamming function depending on your own requirement.

Reliable Cooling Ability: Apart from the 4 obvious cooling fans embedded at the outer case top, there are 11 hidden fans build inside the device.

With the big scale of cooling fins carved all over the metal casing, they are together keeping the equipment’s working temperature from cross the limitations.

Long-range Jamming filed: In the situation of the power outputting has risen to Maximum 310 watts, it’s jamming function can influence the field in the range of 150 meters.

This allows you to deal with most common scenes in real life, as the affecting area is big enough to cover most places.

Frequencies affected by GPS Signal Blocker

– Cellular Signals: GSM-850, CDMA 800MHz, PCS,

3G AWS, 4G LTE 700, 4G LTE 2300,

4G LTE 2500, 5G FR1 3500, 5G FR1 3700

– WiFi Signals: WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5.2G, WiFi 5.8G

– GPS Signals: GPS L1, GPS L2, GPS L3, GPS L4, GPS L5

– RF Signals: Car Lock 315MHz, LPD 433MHz, LoRa 868MHz

Weight14 kg
Dimensions520 × 310 × 90 mm
Device Configuration

Default – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, WiFi 2.4G, GPS L1/L2, Car Lock 315 / 433, LoRa 868, Customization – Combination of Your Requirement


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