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Composed of well-made polymer type case and aerial cover, the GSM signal jammer SWU-P6A-G1 is one of the best choice for those complicated operations and environment. The practical capacity ensures a constant and effective jamming effect.

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The signal blocker SWU-P6A-G1 is a exclusive-designed GSM Jammer for special scenario, which requires higher reliability and good robustness of the electronic hardware.

The well-made polymer type case has great wear-resistance, leads to a longer life cycle and better user experience.

Meanwhile, aerial cover of same material will protect the 6 high gain aerials from unnecessary strike.

Special design for these teams in complicated operations and environment

An arm-pack that fits the size of the signal blocker is provided for more convenient usage.

Just put on the arm-pack and power on the PCS 4G cell phone jammer, then the team can move on and pay more attention to the operation itself.

This simple and efficient carriage solution is very suitable for these complicated missions.

Despite the convenient usage, the practical capacity is the another highlight of this signal blocker.

Coverage of 20 meters at max 5 watt outputting, and the 3000 mAh rechargeable battery ensures the mission carried out smoothly without the worries of jamming equipment stop working.

Appropriate for safeguard works in confidential places

For those places where using communication device like cell phone is expressly prohibited, such as research institute, university laboratory and government buildings, security guards equipping with this RF signal jammers are able to establish a widely covered shielding field that normal RF signals are blocked in certain areas.

As a complement to the Security System, this jamming device can serve as the first firewall for the portability is the key to handle the changing environment.

Device features that should be listed

> These 6 buttons over the front panel are related to the certain aerial with obvious mark, and they are easy to press, so that switch antennas’ status is just a simple thing to do.

> The battery built interior is removable, so extra batteries can be prepared for some urgent sudden operations.

Once happened, just take out the running out old battery and install the prepared one, the Signal Blocker will restore to usable in no time.

> Frequency blocking function supports GSM (851 – 894 MHz), PCS (1930 – 1990 MHz), UMTS (2110 – 2170 MHz), LTE (725-775 MHz), WiFi 2.4G (2400 – 2484 MHz) and GPS L1 (1565 – 1586 MHz).

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions230 × 90 × 50 mm
Device Configuration

A – GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, WiFi 2.4G, B – GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, GPS L1


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