P16A-B1 Cell Phone Signal Blocker device

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Portable signal jamming equipment SWU-P16A-B1 is designed as a portable electronic device, and can be used discreetly to interfering all widely used frequencies, ensuring your privacy well-protected in normal or complicated environment.

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In today’s modern world, the electronic devices that can be affected by eye-attracted Signal Jammer are more like essential parts of people’s digital life.

While numerous benefits and convenience have reshaped society wonderfully, many questions are coming along in the same time, information leaking, data stolen and privacy being spied etc.

To against these annoying bugs, wireless signal blockers are fighting back to restore life peace.

Equipping with this great Cell Phone Signal Blocker, it will give you advantage of effectively prevent personal information being collected and accessed without your grant.

By disrupting specific signals of communication, the cell phone blocker will directly make it difficult or impossible for privacy tracker to eavesdrop on network conversations or record movements.

This definitely can help protect individuals’ privacy and prevent unauthorized surveillance.

Additionally, signal jamming device SWU-P16A-B1 is designed as a portable electronic device, and can be used discreetly. Acting like a convenient and efficient tool for guarding privacy in various situation.

No matter where you are, hanging out in a public place, staying at home, or attending a confidential meeting, using anti-tracker blocking equipment can help ensure that your personal information remains secure and untouched.

Signal Jammer Frequencies details

BandOutput PortFrequency Range (MHz)Output Power
1LoJack173.07528.5dBm / 0.7W
24G LTE 700729 – 76828.5dBm / 0.7W
35G NR 600617 – 65228.5dBm / 0.7W
43G AWS-12110 – 215528.5dBm / 0.7W
5WiFi 5.2G5150 – 535028.5dBm / 0.7W
64G Extended AWS1710 – 178028.5dBm / 0.7W
72G CDMA 800MHz860 – 89428.5dBm / 0.7W
84G BRS2496 – 269028.5dBm / 0.7W
9Car Lock31528.5dBm / 0.7W
10LPD 433433.05 – 434.7928.5dBm / 0.7W
115G NR 36003600 – 390028.5dBm / 0.7W
125G NR 34003400 – 360028.5dBm / 0.7W
13GPS L11565 – 158628.5dBm / 0.7W
144G WCS / WiFi 2.4G2350 – 2360 or 2400 – 248428.5dBm / 0.7W
154G PCS1930 – 199028.5dBm / 0.7W
16WiFi 5.8G5725 – 585028.5dBm / 0.7W

Jamming Device Specific features

  1. The LCD display for easy monitoring jamming device working states, including Power Percentage, Battery Capacity, Working Voltage, Working Current.
  2. Providing 2 sets of 16 antennas, the shorted set can be hidden by putting on the cover, and can be turned on/off singly by the DIP switch for specific jamming function.
  3. Well-designed cooling system with fan holes on both sides, keeping temperature stays in average level to maintain the jamming effect.

Working states of cell jammers

  1. Working at power supply of AC 110~240Vto DC 12V.
  2. Affecting surrounding signals up to 20 meters at -75 dBm.
  3. Jamming function can last for over 2h only by battery within.
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions280 × 130 × 46 mm


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