P5A-B1 Cell Phone Jammer – Handy Cellular Shield

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Practical Cell Phone Jammers SWU-P5A-B1 can be particularly beneficial in safeguard, with the stable capacity of interfering signals around like GSM, GPS and WiFi 2.4G. Provide you with increased privacy, improved security and reduced distractions.

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Energy-Efficient Cell Phone Jammer can be particularly beneficial, in preserve inner peace for people willing to find quiet and relief in this bustling society that has no rest and stop.

Have you ever tired of listening phone ringing on public transportation, or trying to find some quiet while eating at some small restaurant?

If these little but lasting troubles are always bothering you, this hand-size blocker SWU-P5A-B1 allows you to take back control over your personal space.

Plus, if you’re constantly prompted with notifications from social medias, and wish to get away with distractions from smartphone, equipping a Cell Signal Jamming device can help you focus on the task at hand without being interrupted.

After power on this handy cellular signal blocker, it’s just like having your own personal protecting shield against annoying ringtones and loud phone conversations, as the power is quite literally in the palm of your hand!

So go ahead, stand up for a quieter and more peaceful environment with the help of a small handheld GSM blocker.

Enhance and Guard personal privacy, security, and productivity.

There are more advantages that this handheld energy-efficient cell signal jamming device SWU-P5A-B1 can provide.

> Increased privacy: By blocking cell phone signals like GSM, you can prevent others from eavesdropping on your conversations by cellular signal.

This is especially important if you’re concerned about your privacy, or if you’re in a sensitive location.

> Improved security: Some villains may use the GPS signals to track your location, and that could result in harassment and personal loss.

By blocking these locating signals, the GPS tracker blockers can improve your security and protect your personal information.

> Reduced distractions: WiFi signals can be a major distraction for people in study, especially in public library.

By blocking these wireless signals, this wireless signal jammer device will create a more focused and productive environment.

Running principle and Device parameters of this Cell Signal Jamming device

> By disrupting these signals such as GSM, 3G, LTE, WiFi 2.4G and GPS within a designated radius of 15 meters, it creates a space around you of no bother at all.

> Built with 4,000 mAh battery, this cell phone blocker can keep working for about 2 h at most.

> Power inputting supports AC 100~240V to DC 12V, and output level is limited to 2.5 watt.

Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions126 × 76 × 35 mm
Device Configuration

Default – GSM, CDMA, PCS/DCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, WiFi 2.4G, Customization – Combination of Your Requirement


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