T10A-S1 Mobile Phone Jamming devices

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SWU-T10A-S1 cell phone blocking device can be advantageous helper to temporarily block widely applied signals such as cellular and WiFi in some specific situations, for example the private meeting and public libraries.

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The impeccable Mobile Phone Jamming devices SWU-T10A-S1 can be advantageous helper to temporarily block widely applied signals such as cellular and WiFi in some specific situations, where you need to maintain privacy or control over your location.

For example, if you are having a private meeting, and want to prevent any unwanted interruptions through electronic methods, using this device can ensure that your conversations stay confidential.

Additionally, in public spaces such as restaurants, libraries, or theaters to prevent disruptive phone calls or loud conversations.

These devices can help maintain a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for patrons, allowing them to enjoy their experience without any interruptions.

Overall, using this mobile cell jamming device can help improving privacy, security, and productivity in various settings, making them a valuable tool in our increasingly connected world.

-> Equipment Features in details

—> Excellent Cooling Power

The main device body is made of full aluminum alloys, carved with large area of cooling fins and dense heat vents, and there are 2 big cooling fans at top of outer casing.

As a result, the cooling system is strong enough to keep the temperature staying in reasonable range.

—> Remarkable Blocking Capacity

This mobile cell jamming device relies on the power inputs of AC 110~220V to DC 12V to maintain normal working status, with all the 10 antennas installed correctly, it can output at the topmost level of 50 Watts, which results in a 50 meters’ blocking radius.

And differs from those portable WiFi signal blockers, it has no battery limitation and working for 24/7 as long as the power supply is available.

—> Reasonable Device Size

Although this mobile phone jamming devices has powerful capacity, the bigness of it has been limited to same as a common router.

So it won’t occupy too much place in the bookshelf or at the table.

-> Supported Frequency Ranges

—> Cell phone signals: GSM-850, CDMA 800MHz, 3G AWS,

4G LTE 2300 and 4G LTE 2500,

5G FR1 2500 and 5G FR1 3500

—> Wireless LAN signals: WiFi 2.4G and WiFi 5.8G

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions220 × 190 × 50 mm


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