T6A-S2 Jammers for UHF VHF Cell Phone signal

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Sliver mobile signal jamming equipment SWU-T6A-S2 has eye-attracted good looking, is well-designed and manufactured for helping securing privacy and avoiding disruptions, improving focus and productivity and supporting security purposes.

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Sleek mobile cell blocker SWU-T6A-S2 is a device of good looking, and can be used to block cell phone signals to keep people away from making or receiving phone calls, or viewing the mobile internet on their smartphones.

While some opponents may view the applying of such type equipment as controversial tool that probably causes chaos, there are actually several ways in which a table-top mobile network jamming device can be helpful in certain situations.

>> Help Protecting Privacy And Avoiding Disruptions

First of all, using this cell phone blocker can help protecting privacy and avoiding disruptions in sensitive settings.

For example, in a business meeting or conference where commercial data is being discussed, it can ensure that no unauthorized person is able to record or transmit sensitive information through their smartphones.

This definitely has protected commercial secrets and prevents the leakage of proprietary information.

>> Help Improving Focus And Productivity

Additionally, this mobile signal jammer for UHF VHF WiFi can also be used to improve focus and productivity in certain environment.

For instance, in a classroom or lecture hall where students will easily be distracted by their convenient smartphones, it can help to minimize disruptions and encourage students to stay engaged in the lesson.

Similarly, in the workplace environment where employees are often tempted to check their phones randomly, it can help to promote a more focused and efficient work environment.

>> Help For Security Purposes

Furthermore, the mobile cell blocker can always be used for security purposes.

In crowded public areas like resident airports or local train stations, it can help to stop the remote detonation of explosive devices through cell phone signals.

By blocking these signals, potential attackers are unable to trigger explosives remotely, thus enhancing public safety and security.

Mobile Signal Jamming device specifications

– Jamming signal range can be about 40 meters

– Maximum working outputs is 15 watts

– Built with extra support of LoJack and Car Lock signals shielding

Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions305 × 140 × 51 mm


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