WHDA-W3 Mobile Jammer

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The while mobile network jammer SWU-WHDA-W3 of great power would be a crucial assistant for businesses or organizations that deal with sensitive information or need to ensure the confidentiality, provides full time supporting.

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When talking about cell phone signal blocker, you may ask that what on earth is this or why should we use such device?

Well, imaging that you’re trying to have a nice dinner with your beloved family, but every five minutes annoying ringtone comes from someone’s cell phone interrupts the warm conversation.

Or maybe you’re focusing on fix some complicated work problems, but all you can hear are loud phone conversations from your colleagues.

That’s where the mobile phone network jammers should be, as it puts an end to those annoying distractions by blocking cellular signals within its jamming radius.

Not only does it give you some peace and quiet, but it also helps prevent unauthorized communication in secure areas.

With this, you can just leave those unwanted interruptions behind, and stay being guard by the always working devices.

Detailed parameters of the shockproof Cell Phone Signal Blocker SWU-WHDA-W3

– Working Power Source: AC 110~240V to DC 12V

– Running Temperature range: -10 ~ 60 centigrade

– Operating Humidity range: 5% ~ 95%

– Maximum powering outputs: EIRP 37 watts

– Jamming distance reach most: 50 ~ 60 meters (< -80dB around)

– Frequencies range supported by default: GSM (925 – 960 MHz), CDMA (860 – 894 MHz), UMTS (2110 – 2180 MHz)

DCS (1805 – 1880 MHz) and PCS (1930 – 1990 MHz)

Besides, a remote control is attached in the package, for providing more convenient operations to this powerful equipment.

As a result, this cell phone signal blocker would be a crucial assistant for businesses or organizations that deal with sensitive information or need to ensure the confidentiality of their communications.

The wall-mount attribute leads to easy installation, and the ordinary outlook is partly same as some lighting facility, making it a convenient and covert option for securing large areas such as office buildings, warehouses, or conference rooms.

Overall, using this wall-mount cell phone signal blocker could be a strategic investment in maintaining network security, and safeguarding sensitive data in professional environments.

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Dimensions385 × 330 × 165 mm


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