T6A-B2 Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Cell Phone Blocking devices SWU-T6A-B2 would be a beneficial option worth considering for those families, whose parents are willing to shielding distractions for quality time, reducing anxiety and protecting privacy and promoting respect for family time.

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Being parent at this information bursting age, the inevitable cell phone addiction problem of children would be the very headache.

To peacefully resolve this, the exemplary cell phone blocking equipment SWU-T6A-B2 would be a beneficial option worth considering.

Not only for ensuring the significant children’s physical growth, but also for building harmony family relationships.

  • Shielding Distractions for Quality Time

This signal blocker for cell phone can effectively block cellular signals within a designated area, creates a concentrating surrounding where family members can fully engage with each other without the constant temptation of their electronic devices.

Families can use this time for meaningful face-to-face conversations, shared activities, and quality bonding experiences.

By eliminating the distraction of mobile devices, parents can ensure that children are present and attentive during family time, fostering closer relationships, and creating lasting memories.

  • Reducing Anxiety and Protecting Privacy

The constant buzzing and notifications from cellphones could be the major source of anxiety.

This cell phone blocking equipment can alleviate this stress by creating a quiet and uninterrupted environment.

Another problem should be the rise of internet threats and online predators, safeguarding the privacy and security of the family members especially the children has become increasingly important.

By deploying this device, families can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing their private information or tracking their location through their mobile phones.

  • Promoting Respect for Family Time

Meanwhile, establishing boundaries and expectations for family time could be the surprising effect brought by this cell phone blocking equipment.

By agreeing to put away their devices during designated periods, family members demonstrate respect for each other’s time and attention.

This creates a culture of mindfulness and presence, where family members prioritize their relationships over digital distractions. As a result, families could have a more harmonious and fulfilling environment.

How does this mobile signal jammer work?

This device can disrupt those widely used cellular signals, such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and PCS. Once the jamming function turns to running status, those cell phones within the jammer’s range will be invalid in sending or receiving signals.

Back to this cell phone blocking equipment SWU-T6A-B2, it has 6 aerials and switch buttons, results in flexible and customizable blocking effect, which means you can singly shut down specific antenna without affecting other antennas.

It’s working at power supply of AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 12V, outputs can be the maximum 15 watts, in this case the shielding distance will reach the top of 40 meters.

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