PHDA-G1 Bluetooth Jammer device – Another Wi-Fi Suspension

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WiFi signal blocking equipment SWU-PHDA-G1 can affect the normal WiFi network between devices and access point, by emitting radio frequency signals same as routers. In addition, it can jam those Bluetooth devices at same time.

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Modish WiFi jamming device is the device that disrupts or blocks wireless communication signals among a specific area.

In most cases, it is typically used for security purposes to protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals or to prevent others from using a shared network.

They can also be used in public settings to prevent WiFi-enabled devices from connecting to the wireless internet, such as in conferences or theaters.

The principle behind how a WiFi jamming device works is based on the concept of radio frequency interference.

It operates by emitting radio frequency signals at the same frequency as the Wi-Fi Routers or Access Points do.

Result in causing interference that disrupts the normal communication between already connected devices and the access point, or directly preventing the intended users from connecting to the network under protection.

The strength of the jamming signal determines the effectiveness of the device, with stronger signals causing more disruption to the WiFi network.

Extra function that blocks Bluetooth devices

The SWU-PHDA-G1 is originally designed to interfere with those devices working at frequency of WiFi 2.4G, and the Bluetooth supported devices are operating at the same frequency range.

Thus, this WiFi jamming device can actually interfere with those Bluetooth devices.

It’s suggested to not use Bluetooth supported device such as wireless headphones around this jamming device in working state, if you just want to block those equipment of WiFi 2.4G.

Detailed parameters that you might want to know

  1. It’s able to carry out by just putting it in pocket, for it’s mini size.
  2. It can block devices within 10 meters, while outputting is 0.5 watt.
  3. It’s inner battery is rechargeable, can be charged by the attached car charger.
  4. It has a LED light in the top of outer shell, indicates the working state.

Although those devices of this type can be effective in disrupting wireless communication, they are not without controversy.

Using such devices might be illegal in some countries or districts, due to the potential harm they can cause to legitimate users of the normal local wireless network.

Please be cautious while using this device, try not to bother common people’s normal life.

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