THDA-U1 Audio Speaker Shaped WiFi Cell Phone Jammer


The 5G WiFi jammer has a appearance like some classical type of speaker, with the practical capability of dealing with signals like cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS within 10 meters, it can be a useful assistant for you.

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Take a look at this portable wireless jammer SWU-THDA-U1, you may guess if it is some decoration stuff.
Although the outlook of this device is much like some classical type of speaker, especially the outer casing in brown color, and the ventilation holes carved in the front.
But do not treat it like a toy thing in box shape, cause the hardware integrated inside is the key point that matters, which have made this mobile cell jammer a unusual handler for signals like cellular, WiFi and GPS.

Device Parameters Introduction

    • Power Input: This WiFi signal jammer needs the electricity supply provided by the lithium battery built inside, and the maximum battery life is about 120 minutes.WiFi and Cell Phone Jammers with front LED panel

After it’s running out, you can recharge it with the AC power adapter, which supports AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 24V.
Special Tips : The LED lights in the front panel will tell you the real-time condition of battery charging.
The middle one will be lighten up once the battery is restored to full capacity, and the left one will be OFF in the same time.

  • Power Output: The fully outputting level of the jammer device has been set to 10 watts, when the device is in working status the right LED light in the front will be ON, a simple but clear indication.
  • Blocking Range: Wireless frequencies within the 10 meters of equipment will be disrupted once power it on, those devices that rely on the Wi-Fi signals to exchange data are going to lose connection to the internet.
  • Cooling System: The interior cooling fans of this audio speaker shaped WiFi cell phone jammer, cooperates with the vents opened in the shell, is always maintaining the temperature in preset normal extent.

Supported Signals Information

1. GSM 850 : 869 – 894 MHz;
2. GSM 900 : 925 – 960 MHz;
3. PCS 1930 – 1990 MHz;
4. 3G UMTS2100: 2110 – 2155 MHz;
5. 4G LTE 700 : 729 – 768 MHz;
6. 4G LTE 2300 : 2350 – 2360 MHz;
7. Wi-Fi 2.4G : 2400 – 2500 MHz;
8. Wi-Fi 5.8G : 5720 – 5850 MHz;
9. GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz;
10. GPS L2/L5 : 1164 – 1239 MHz.

Packaging List Details

** Jammer Unit Host (in brown color) x 1;
** Power Adapter (in black color) x 1;
** Power Cable (in black color) x 1.

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions255 × 127 × 74 mm


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