WHDA-W4 Jamming device for Mobile Signal

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With help of blocking device for mobile signal SWU-WHDA-W4, examination halls administrator can prevent those various methods of cheating, thereby enhancing the integrity of the examination process, this approach helps create a fairer testing environment.

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The wall-mount jammer for cell phone signals SWU-WHDA-W4 possesses the capability to shield those widely used cellular signals, such as GSM and 4G LTE, and so on.
The special outer case makes it more like a decoration stuff than a mobile signal blocker.
With this advantage, it can be deployed in examination halls to prevent so many different types of cheating that rely on mobile devices, mostly means cell phones.

Here are those specific types of cheating that can be effectively prevented by this stationary jammer for cell phone signal, let’s check them one by one.

1. Cutting off Text Messaging

  • Common Situation: Text messages is so convenient that some students could use them to communicate with others outside the examination hall to share questions or get answers.
  • Solution: Jammer for cell phone signals can render these messaging services from normal functioning, thereby cutting off this method of communication.

2. Disable the Internet Searching

  • Real Scenario: Students might search for answers of the exam questions or access online resources through mobile internet.
  • Solution: This cell phone signal jammer is able to disable network access on mobile devices, keeping students from looking up information during the exam.

3. Shutting down Social Media

  • Ordinary Scene: Social media platforms make it possible for students to post questions and receive answers in real-time.
  • Solution: Jamming cellular signals shut down the access to social media apps and websites directly, stopping the flow of information through these channels.

4. Invalid the Cheating Apps

  • Actual Condition: There are specialized apps designed to facilitate cheating, such as those that store pre-loaded answers or offer real-time assistance.
  • Solution: By blocking cell phone signals, these apps cannot function if they require any form of wireless communication or internet connectivity.

5. Shielding Wireless Communication

  • Special Occasion: It’s unusual but existed that students may use Bluetooth or other wireless communication methods to connect with nearby devices or accessories (e.g., smartwatches, earbuds) to receive answers.
  • Solution: This WiFi network jammer holds the ability to affect Bluetooth (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 2.4GHz are sharing the same frequency extent) communications, result in disabling these devices and preventing such cheating activities.

common scene of Examination hall

The Frequencies that are originally supported

the supporting list of this jammer for cell phone signal includes:

  • Cellular signal: GSM 850MHz, PCS and 3G UMTS 2100,

4G LTE 700, LTE 2300 and LTE 2500,

5G FR1 2500, FR1 3500 and FR1 3700

  • Wireless signal: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and Wi-Fi 5.8GHz

The Specification that should be listed

* While working at the topmost 60 watts outputting, the interfering distance can reach 50 meters, most examination hall can be covered directly;

* The front case is made of PVC and the back plate is in metal material, ensuring the device structure is stable and firm enough for non-stop running;

* Built with hidden aerials inside the outer casing, making the installation and deployment fast and convenient;

* Although it’s designed to be mount over the wall, it still can be placed over the table and the function won’t be affected.

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