P14A-B1 WiFi Signal Blockers

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Portable WiFi signal blockers SWU-P14A-B1 can help to provide the effective method of internet controlling, in condition of Wi-Fi access should be limited, and safeguard privacy and security in the network environment.

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The portable WiFi network jammer SWU-P14A-B1 can help to provide the effective method of internet controlling, in condition of Wi-Fi access should be limited.

For example, controlling Wi-Fi access to safeguard privacy and security from those secret attackers hide in the cyber world.

The actual help this WiFi Network Jammer will provide

>> In settings where unauthorized access to Wi-Fi networks poses a risk, such as corporate offices or government facilities.

This cellular signal blocker is able to deter the unauthorized communication devices from connecting to the network, enhancing overall network security and preventing potential breaches.

>> For public place that are crowed with different people, like those shared work spaces or co-working environments.

The annoying network congestion can be minimized by this device and ensure fair bandwidth distribution among all users.

And this effect can lead to improved productivity and smoother internet connectivity for all occupants in there.

>> When referring to corporate environments, protecting proprietary information is always crucial at a really high level.

Deploying this GPS tracker blocking device, can ensure that outside interference will be shielded outside the building, or shutting down the hidden eavesdropping on company networks and any possible risk is minimized.

The detailed frequencies that is originally supported

Basically this signal blocker for wireless network has the capability to interfere with common WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5.2G and WiFi 5.8G.

In the same time, the supporting list includes

>> the cellular signal of GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE 700 and LTE 2300, PCS

>> the GPS signal of L1/L2/L5

>> the RF signal of car lock 315, 433, and LoRa 868

The specification of this WiFi Network Jammer

>> The 14 antennas are controlled by the red DIP switches in the right panel

>> Device is running with power inputting of AC 110~240V to DC 12V

>> Jamming function can affect about 10 to 25 meters

>> Working hour is almost 2.5 hours with only battery supports

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions175 × 102 × 50 mm


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