P3A-B3 Portable Multiband UHF Jammer


This UHF jammer for car SWU-P3A-B3 is built with capability that disrupts those regular UHF signals used by remote controls, and the small device size makes it the convenient helper in the outdoor environment.

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The slim car key fob jammer SWU-P3A-B3 is manufactured with capability that disrupts those regular UHF signals used by remote controls, and the small device size makes it the convenient helper in the outdoor environment.
Being designed and built as a remote control signal specialist, all those daily used ultra high frequencies like car lock 315, car lock 433 and LoRa 868, can be efficiently disrupted in the distance.

There are 2 LED lights embedded into the front of the outer shell in metal material, they will be kind of obvious indicator for you to check the different device states.
Upper LED light has a white “POWER” symbol, and it will be lighten up in green color, once you power the handheld multiband UHF jammer on by the power switch in the right panel.
Another LED right down of the previous one, is marked with “CHARGE” in white color. When you plug the power charger to the charging slot, it will turn to RED to inform you that the battery is being charged.

Equipment Specifications

-> Outputs Info : The topmost power outputting level is 10 watts, for a palm-sized device it’s really a practical configuration;
-> Inputs Info : Equipment running relies on the power of 12 volts, and there are 2 sets of power charger for you to choose.
The AC power adapter supports AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 12V, and the car charger supports in-car 12 volt power supply.
-> Interior Battery : The inside electricity source is the Ni-Mh battery which has a 8,000 mAh maximum capacity, and it will take about 3 hours to restore it from the running out state to full volume;
-> Interfering Range : This car key fob jammer can shield RF signals like car lock 315 at the distance of 100 meters at most;
-> Cooling System : There is an radiator installed inner the device , with the help of built in cooling fans, the heat generated during equipment working state can easily be released through the ventilation holes;

Frequencies List

** Car Lock 315 : 315 MHz
** Car Lock 433 : 433 MHz
** LoRa 868 : 863 – 870 MHz

Package Contents

-> Car Key Fob Jammer host * 1
-> Removable Aerials * 3
-> AC power adapter * 1
-> Car charger * 1

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions178 × 77 × 37 mm


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