P12A-S1 Mobile Phone Jammer

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Reliable mobile cell signal blocking equipment SWU-P12A-S1 is able to provide effective solution, for prevent and stop mobile phone abusing problems between students or employers who are addicted to it, creates a distraction-free environment.

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Mobile cell blocking device is sort of special devices that are getting much more accepted in our daily lives.

While some models of them have been traditionally used in prisons and military settings, to prevent unauthorized communication.

These Mobile Phone Jammers are now being utilized in various public spaces such as educational institutions, movie theaters, and companies’ offices to restrain distractions and preserve security.

But just the same as many other widely used tools, the actual usage of signal jammer has brought both positive and negative implications for people and society as a whole.

For positive part, using this innovative mobile cell blocking device SWU-P12A-S1 can be beneficial in preventing cell phone abusing problems in certain environments.

For example, in educational settings, where some students can easily be addicted to the smartphone instead of their study, teachers have no better solutions can have a try on this device.

While it’s in working state, a shielding realm that blocking cellular signals will be established to stop and solve smartphone abusing issues.

In addition, in movie theaters and concert halls, wireless network blockers can help enhance the overall immersive experience by minimizing interruptions caused by ringing phones.

By blocking mobile signals in these spaces, people are able to fully engage with the ongoing shows and enjoy the experience without distractions.

However, the mobile cell blocking device also hold the potential to disrupt normal activities.

In cases where individuals rely on their phones for emergency communication.

Such as during a natural disaster or medical emergency, the presence of mobile signal blockers could secretly weaken their ability to seek help.

Therefore, we propose that this equipment should be applied for positive usage such as avoiding distraction, and not in interfering others’ normal lives.

The frequencies can be blocked by this signal jammer

– Cellular Signals: GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and PCS;

– Wireless LAN Signals: WiFi 2.4G and WiFi 5.8G;

– RF Signals: LoJack, Car Lock 315 and LPD433;

– Locating Signals: GPS L1.

The specifications of this mobile cell blocking device

– While outputting at the highest level of 8.4 Watts, the affecting radius can be 20 meters far;

– While running with the only assist of 1,0000 mAh battery, the device can last for more than 2 hours;

– While jamming signals in certain range, those antennas not in need can be turned OFF by the dedicated DIP switch;

– While working for a period of time, the cooling fans inside and the carved cooling fins will keep device from getting overheated.

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