P5A-B2 GPS Signal Blocker – Defender in Hand

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The GPS jamming equipment SWU-P5A-B2 can blocking GPS signals around your real world whereabouts, preventing tracking devices like GPS tracker from pinpointing your precise location, thus to provide continuous protection for your private information and personal security.

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The relying on various gadgets to make lives more convenient and efficient is keeping increase in today’s world, and the highly developed technologies play a crucial role within this situation, from the cell phones to those smart home devices.

One such equipment that has become much more popular would be the GPS jammer.

But what exactly can it do for our daily lives? Let’s explore the different ways in which this device can be beneficial.

GPS signal blocker is an equipment designed to disrupt GPS signals, preventing tracking devices like GPS tracker from pinpointing your precise location.

Due to the increasing use of GPS technology in smartphones, cars, and other devices, it has become easier for companies and even hackers to track your every move.

By using slim GPS jammer SWU-P5A-B2, you can prevent your location from being constantly monitored, ensuring the personal control over your own information and avoiding unwanted tracking.

Furthermore, in the domain of data security, carrying this handheld protector with you can prevent sensitive information from being intercepted or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Whether you’re a business professional carrying confidential documents, or a private individual with personal information to safeguard, the signal jamming device for GPS can always provide an added layer of security to ensure your data and whereabouts under protection.

Besides, this device can even help enhance personal safety.

For example, when traveling to unfamiliar or potentially dangerous place, jamming GPS signals can help prevent your location from being exposed to malicious individuals who may seek to harm you.

By maintaining control over your location information, you can protect yourself at a better level and avoid becoming a target.

GPS Signals affected by GPS Jammer SWU-P5A-B2

  • GPS L1: 1565 – 1586 MHz
  • GPS L2: 1216 – 1239 MHz
  • GPS L3: 1371 – 1391 MHz
  • GPS L4: 1370 – 1390 MHz
  • GPS L5: 1164 – 1189 MHz

Extra Support

  • LoJack: 173.075 MHz

Special Features of this handheld Protector

Input/Output InfoInputtingAC 100~240V to DC 12V
Outputting2 Watts at top
Environment InfoTemperature-10 ~ 50 Centigrade
Humidity5% ~ 80%
Inner Battery InfoBattery Volume1,800 mAh
Blocking FieldAbout 2 ~ 15 meters
Blocking TimeAlmost 60 minutes
Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions113 × 60 × 31 mm


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