T14A-B1 GPS Signal Blocker

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Speaking to the stationary GPS signal blocking device SWU-T14A-B1, the simplistic design and remarkable capacity for fulfill your signal interfering needs effectively are making it a good enough choice worth considering.

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When talking about the power-alterable GPS tracker jammer SWU-T14A-B1, the first impression it gives you would be a professional equipment.

The simplistic design and complete black color are making it generous at appearance, which means it won’t get much attention when being placed on the cabinet or book shelf.

normal living room with modern decorationIf you are searching for a stationary anti GPS blocker that meets your actual requirement, and prefer a well-designed outlook to be adapted with the decoration of your place.

Then you probably have found the answer for this trouble that might have lasted for a while.

Reason that You might want to Know

Cause the decent outlook is just one of many advantages of this GPS tacker jammer, the wide frequency coverage and remarkable affecting range are making it a good enough choice worth considering.

To be more detailed, the attached 14 aerials guarantee the jamming function covers most signal types, and shielding effect remains stable.

Speaking to the frequency coverage, now it’s time to reveal for you. From the common cellular signals, such as GSM 850MHz, PCS, 3G UMTS 2100 and 4G LTE (700, 800, 1700, 2300, 2500), to regular Wi-Fi 2.4G and GPS L1/L2/L5. Apart from that, the LoJack, VHF of 135 – 175 MHz, and UHF of 400 – 470 MHz are also in the support list.


Parameters Details that You would be Interested in

> Adjustable Antenna: The 14 aerials of the cell signal jammers are originally modifiable in the outputs, for there are dedicated rotate buttons to regulate them from shut down state to running at 100%.state of GPS tracker Jammer without aerials installed

** All antennas mentioned above are detached from device when in the package, please install them correctly before you power on the machine, otherwise some permanent damage will be caused to device. **

> Jamming Function: Maximum shielding range is designed as 50 meters, and for most indoor spaces this distance is far enough.

> Power Consumption: To ensure all the antennas working properly, the device outputs has a reasonable limitation of 35W.

> Running Supply: This mobile cell blocker relies on the inputting of AC 110/220V to DC 12V, which can ensure a seamless experience around the world.

> Cooling System: In order to keep the device from getting overheated, there are built-in high speed cooling fans to dissipate the heat, and the cooling fins over the metal case help accelerate the procedure.

> Working Environment: During the device working status, please ensure environment humidity stays in 5~80%, and the surrounding temperature is in -10~50°C.

** Please note that the abnormal environment status might have negative influence on hardware durability of device. **


Special Note: We fully understand that this tabletop GPS tacker jammer might have some shortcomings and can’t fully satisfy you needs, in that case we would recommend you to view on the GPS Jammers, for there are many other type of GPS signal blockers that you may find the most suitable one.

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