P4A-A1 GPS Jammer

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Transportable GPS Signal Jammer SWU-P4A-A1 has a pleasing outlook of azure device body, good at helping guard users’ privacy and security by blocking GPS signals of all frequencies continuously. The customizable aerials provides a flexible and interesting experience for user.

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Personal location information is a double-edged sword for individuals, on the one hand people can locate themselves by these data and avoid missing in the roads or some unfamiliar environment, and at most of time this really helps a lot.

On the other hand, when GPS jamming device is not in working state, if these data are leaked or accessed by illegal ways, GPS users will be tracked or monitored secretly.

Once this misfortune really happened, those who are unwillingly involved in this will probably encounter many troublesome privacy problem, even serious enough to threat their personal safety.

What does this Attractive GPS Tracker blocker look like and why it can stop privacy problem?

GPS jammer SWU-P4A-A1 is a portable equipment that device body is in azure color, making it evident at most signal jammers, just because most devices are painted black.

The 4 antennas over the top, are also dyeing blue but much lighter, so the device looks really pleasing.

Apart of this, it’s good at helping guard users’ privacy and security, by effectively blocking GPS signals, including all the GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5 frequencies, around them continuously.

And it’s user-friendly to operate, even people who use it at first time.

There is a black switch on the right side to fully control the GPS blocking function, it’s too obvious that user won’t missing it.

Right below of it, 4 tiny white DIP buttons are attached to a red panel, each button is in charge of the related antenna.

It means that users can combine the antennas as they want, for example turning first 2 antennas on and the rest 2 off.

GPS jamming device specifications that users are concerned

  1. Interior 1800 mAh battery supports 1 hour use, and can be charged full after running out
  2. Blocking function in maximum power cost can affect 15m away from itself
  3. Working at power supply of AC 110~240V or DV 12V, and full outputting is 2 watt at most
Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions113 × 60 × 31 mm


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