P6A-B2 Mini GPS Car Tracking Jammers


This Anti GPS jammer SWU-P6A-B2 possesses stable jamming function and a solid feel while holding it in your hand, built with capability to cover all regular GPS frequencies at a affordable price.

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Let’s have a look at this anti GPS jammer SWU-P12A-G2, to give you a quick cognition of it.
The black outer case which is made of aluminum alloy, will give you a solid feel while holding it in your hand.
And the 6 black aerials installed in the top, are ensuring the jamming function runs stably.

Viewing more Car Tracking Jammers Specifications

  1. With power supply from the built-inbattery of 3,000 mAh (rechargeable, but not removable), you can havea long lasting signal shielding protection for almost 2 hours.
    Which leads to a relaxed usage in different outdoor environment, and no needs for you to worry the remaining battery life.
  2. To guarantee you have a seamless experience with this portable GPS tracker blocker, we have provided both the normal AC charger and the car charger.
    You can charge the inside battery with the car charger during driving route, and it’s compatible with common 12V power input.
  3. The maximum power outputs of this anti GPS jammer is set to 3 watts, and the blocking range can be 15 metersat most.
  4. Due to the device shell is full metal, the cooling system has a good assist in keep temperature in normal extent.
    Additionally, there are built-in cooling fans and lots of carved vents, to help dissipate the heat.
  5. This device has 6aerials and all of them are removable type, and is originally detached from the device.
    In the device front, there are 6 DIP switches, which can be applied to adjust single aerial from ON to OFF or OFF to ON.

Please install each aerial to the related port with same number mark manually, before you use GPS tracking blocker.

Detailed Frequency Supporting List

** GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz
** GPS L2 : 1216 – 1239 MHz
** GPS L3 : 1371 – 1391 MHz
** GPS L4 : 1370 – 1390 MHz
** GPS L5 : 1164 – 1189 MHz
** GLONASS L1 : 1598 – 1604 MHz
** GLONASS L2 : 1243 – 1249 MHz

If you are searching for the mini-sized GPS signal blockers that has a affordable price, and covers all these GPS frequencies. Then this one should be perfectly fit your needs.

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions125 × 69 × 24 mm


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